Blushing Beauty Full Facial & Diamond Peel Review

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blushing beauty located at the ground floor of City mall Imus Cavite
this photo was grabbed from BB's page 

My Facial treatment background history!

Hey guys! Today's post is about my first ever full facial & diamond peel at Blushing Beauty :) My pain tolerance has never been good..a few years back I had a facial treatment somewhere in manila, to be honest I cannot even remember where it was.I believe it was from those "buy this product and you will get free facial" thing..So the innocent me took that opportunity to experience my first facial treatment..and i tell you what it was HORRIBLE! I mean it when i said that, I may not remember where it was and what product I bought but it was seriously painful.. and because of that I vowed not to have facial treatment ever!! BUT! yep there's a big but, I got persuaded to try Blushing beauty's full facial because I was able to get free diamond peel from their promo!and so the journey of my first full facial treatment + diamond peel began =3

The Details

Blushing beauty by skin station just recently opened near my place. It offered me a very good deal so as a sucker for discounts, bargains I was persuaded! :) so okay let's go down the details:

Where is the clinic located? Blushing Beauty is located at the Ground Floor, CityMall, Emilio Aguinaldo Highway Anabu, Imus City, Cavite.

I will focus only on the service that I have availed If you need more information about blushing beauty and what other services  the clinic offers you can click here it will direct you to their website :)

What service did you avail and how much? I originally wanted to only avail the Diode laser promo they have, but  one of the staffs offered me to try their Full facial which costed 600PHP and I am entitled to get a  diamond peel for FREE. So I was like hey! that's not bad idea ( Diamond peel costs 600PHP by the way!) but I was a little bit skeptical because of my painful experience a few years ago. 
our conversation went like this:

ME: ate hindi ba masakit? nag try ako dati eh masakit ang fullfacial
(Miss won't it be painful?I've tried full facial before and it was painful)
Ate: try mo kaya yung full facial namin?my free ka pang diamond peel promo namin(Why dont you try our full facial? you'll have free diamond peel our latest promo)
so there! I got persuaded just like that :)

The service

Blushing beauty station has a colorful theme so it looks very friendly I also like that their rooms have cute paintings
photo grabbed form BB's Fb page
how was the experience? 

Full facial: It was realllllly good! It wasn't as painful as I anticipated, my beauty handler  was soooo good i only felt a little tingling sensation from the pricking the rest were just heaven :)she made me feel good on my first "full facial treatment". The treatment included: 

◘deep cleansing
◘facial massage
◘vacuum and serum application for whitening

Diamond Peel: My first diamond peel was also good it wasn't painful although it felt as if it was sucking my skin through out the process hahaha which is only natural I guess.. overall i loved it :)
Me bare face  after my full facial and diamond peel  

The verdict!

It was really good! hopefully nothing will change.
Would you go back for the same treatment? Definitely yes!it was a nice experience why would I not go back :) 
would you recommend Blushing beauty? of course  I would definitely recommend their full facial and diamond peel 
anything you did not like?hmmmm the fact that its a little bit expensive? ( since I'm a cheapskate ) but it was worth it! I thought I wouldn't mind paying if the service  is good so  yeah it was worth it!

rate: 8/10 :D 

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