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Hola everyone! This post is about my Underarms' journey to finally become Hair-free! yep.. you heard it right! I finally decided to spend some moolah for my armpits ha! I decided to avail the Diode laser treatment offered by Blushing Beauty. 

Blushing Beauty promo for Diode Laser phot grabbed form BB's page

So why spend  money for this treatment? One of the most problematic parts of a woman's body is their underarms, so we tend to use different methods in order to make sure that we won't become hairy monsters! you know girls are vane :) so we want to make sure we are smooth down there. I am a very lazy person, I do not like to shave or pluck my armpits unless I have to attend  gatherings where I need to wear formal clothes or wear sleeveless top. Most of the time I let them grow  since they don't grow too long anyway. I decided to once and for all free myself from the pain and  grueling process of plucking (I seldom shave my armpits unless its an emergency since it becomes very itchy when the hair starts to grow) Blushing beauty is currently offering a very good deal for this treatment.

type of treatment and the price:I availed for their Diode laser prom 5,000PHP  for 8 sessions (original price:1,500 per session). It has no expiration so I can use it whenever :)

Where is the clinic located? Blushing Beauty is located at the Ground Floor, CityMall, Emilio Aguinaldo Highway Anabu, Imus City, Cavite.

I will focus only on the service that I have availed If you need more information about blushing beauty and what other services  the clinic offers you can click here it will direct you to their website :)

8 Vouchers for 8 Sessions

how long does the procedure last? less than 30 minutes

Before availing for the diode laser make sure you haven't shaved/ pluck for 3-4 weeks this is a must! 


◘ The beauty assistant made sure I was hair-free before the procedure by shaving both of my armpit
◘After shaving, I was asked to put on these goggles to protect my eyes from the laser machine.
◘ The assistant put a very cold gel on  my armpits,to protect my skin from the heat so that I won't get burned she said. 
◘Once everything was  good , the assistant informed me that the laser procedure will begin.I was also advised to tell her if the heat becomes unbearable or uncomfortable.


The whole procedure including the preparation like I've mentioned earlier took  less than 30 minutes, with my estimation of 5 - 10 mins each underarm.

Since I couldn't see because of the goggles I can only tell you how I felt.

♣ There was no initial pain/heat sensation for the first couple of minutes of the  procedure
♣  The laser machine felt like a deodorant with a big rolling ball moving around on my armpits.
♣After a few minutes I felt a heat sensation but it was very tolerable
♣ I felt tingling sensations like I was getting pricked by something hot on some parts but it was very tolerable.
♣ At one point the heat sensation became unbearable  on my right armpit so I immediately notified her, she then put more cold soothing gel and then continued the treatment. 
♣ After less than 10 minutes the procedure was finished and then same was done on my other arm. 

The whole procedure was good. Although there was some pain/ heat sensation and tingling feeling it was very tolerable.I also had to purchase the post laser cream and was instructed to apply it 2x a day for 3 days after every session.

 So there! The first session was done.  I have to go back for my second session after 6 weeks :)  


How was the experience? It was good! 
Would you go back for the same treatment? Yes I'll finish the whole program 
How was the result? I will let you know on my next post :)
Was it worth it? Definitely
Rate: 7/10

You can read my  the result and effect of diode laser every session→ here

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