Review: Gluta Nano 800000k

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Hi guys! For this post I will be reviewing Nano Gluta 8000k. A glutathione Supplement from Thailand.  Let's take a look at the ingredients:

L-Glutathione 800000mg, Vit. C 30000mg, Bioflavonoid 1200mg, Hyaluronic 2000mg, Koji Berry 600mg, Raspberry Extract 600mg, Collagen 200000mg, CoenzymeQ10 1200mg, Pine Bark Extract 500mg, Grape Seed Extract 600mg, Acerola Cherry 600mg, Mix Berry Extract 600mg

According to description from the seller it claims to:

◙help you get a luminous aura look.
◙help you attain pinkish lip and skin.
◙Enrich your skin to be smooth and bright.
◙lighten dark spots and reduce acne.
◙tighten skin with anti-oxidant.
◙be Safe and effective Thai FDA approved

How much is it? I bought it for 350PHP or 3 for 1000PHP
Where to buy? I got my first bottles from "Happy Hauler Shop" I ordered them online on their facebook page. It was a very nice transaction by the way no hassle or anything. The seller was good and precise. The second batch I got them from "Sophia & Kalel" pop up shop in Dasmarinas Cavite. Since It was  more convenient for me to buy from there than paying for Shipping Fee. 

if you want to see buy from happy hauler shop click here

if you want to buy from Sophia and Kalel shop click here

okay! here is my review for this supplement. dan danaaaaaan .:D

I was taking  the supplement for a few days when one day  i noticed that I felt good and seems to have a shinier skin ( ahahaha I do not know if i was over reacting or what) 
Anyways here are the things I've noticed ever since i took the supplement:

►I feel as though I have shinier skin than before ( I am also taking it with vitamin C + Vit E 400IU)
►I seem to have softer skin than before :) how did i know? i went to have a massage and the "masahista" asked me if I am working at home (household chores etc) because I seem to have a soft body/skin, i then replied "Ate taba lang yan :) 
►My skin seemed to be tighter and smoother 
► After consuming 4 bottles  I  can feel that my skin has lighten up a little, although I have not achieved the  shade that I  wanted I believe that at least i got one shade lighter. 


The Verdict

Is it effective? Yes it is effective 
Can it help you lighten your skin? Yes It can lighten your skin however  not instantly.. I am not expecting too much from it since I have only consumed 4 bottles (and counting)  so let us wait till i have 10 bottles or more :)  but it definitely helped me have smoother skin.
Would you recommend it? Yes! If you are looking for a cheap supplement that will give you good result and you're not really expecting to become whiter in 7 days.. then this is for you :). 
Rate: 6/10 

Thank you for reading my review! look forward for other reviews of beauty products :) 
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