Review: Iwhite Whitening pack Peel off mask

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Hey hey! How are you folks?  C: The lazy me has started doing something productive and that is  updating my blog har har har. Today's post is all about  the peel off mask , Iv'e been hearing about.  
Let's go down the details. 
Front / back

What is it? Its a peel off mask  that is made from Korea
How much is it? I believe the sample pack costs PHP20
Where can you buy it? You can buy in any supermarkets and or drugstores.I bought mine from Robinsons Supermarket
What is so special about it? According to the pack: It contains ingredients and Vitamins A,C,E &B5

◘It also lightens discoloration
◘It soothes and revitalize skin
◘It prevents premature Aging
◘it slows down the rate of free -radical Damage

Direction: Apply ample amount right after washing your face.  let it sit for minutes

Recommended use: 2-4 times a week for best result

Why did you try it? Well, the fact that the packaging is cute and the fact that it offers sample pack  made me try it :) remember I'm a cheapskate guys!!  


Packaging: I totally like the packaging its Cute :) looks so girly =3
Texture: The texture is like any other peeling mask.. so I cannot really give you enough details about Scent: It has a mild scent, I like mild scent! 

Here are the things I have noticed while applying the peel off mask

◘ Its cold  on my face so it helped me relax
◘ No  negative reactions such as itchiness  and the likes. I've tried using another peeling off mask before and right after using it I had red lumps on my face. So this is a plus for me :)
◘ It made my skin smoother, shinier and relax before going to bed.
◘ My face was revitalized even after I pulled an all-nighter. I seriously looked like a zombie. I soooo wanted to post it but I am so ashamed of my bare face zombie face so I decided not to ahahah  

white ghost?

What are the things you do not like about it:

Applying it was a mess, I mean in my case I guess all  peel off mask are the same. I had white stuff on my neck legs and everywhere hahaha.

my messy hands. you should have seen my neck and legs too! 
I decided to try this peeling mask right after pulling an all-nighter. Remember this was done at about 8am guys so my whole body was screaming for bed! After  finally taking off the mask  and cleaning my face.. and do all my night regime tadaaaa here's my face ready for bed do I look so puyat? I thought I looked awesome must because of the mask ahahah  =D


Would you try it again? Yes I would try it again, in fact I am planning to buy the big tube so I can further test it out and see if I will like it more  :)
Would you recommend it? Yes.. I believe its a good  product
Rate: 7/10 ( even though I like it, It was messy ahahah maybe I should learn how to properly use it)
My bare face without sleep looked awesome IMHO har har

So there boys and girls! :) look forward for my next review  ! 

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