Review Tofu soap by Nuch Skin white

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Hey guys! I feel a little bit sad since this will be my last off for this week (TT___TT) 4 days went by soooo fast I won't be able to procrastinate any more so sad for me LOL ... anyhow Today's post is  all about the  soap I am currently using, Tofu Soap by Nuch Skin white. I've been using this for  a couple of months or so.. and so far I am loving it!!
tofu soap

Since its in Thailand language I could not really tell you the exact ingredients however based on my research the key ingredients are: Soybean Extract and Vitamin E, based from my further research it seems that the raw materials are all imported from japan 

According to the seller  Tofu Soap can: 

◘lighten dark spots
◘whiten your skin
◘tighten your pores
◘ rejuvenates new skin cell

Where is it made from? It is  made from Thailand 
How much did you buy it? veeeery affordable it costs  65PHP
Where did you buy it? I bought it from one of Sophia and kalel's pop up Shop in Dasmarinas Cavite for more information you can visit their FB page click here 


Packaging: I like the packaging, it doesn't look too cheap in fact it looks better than the other soap with the same price

texture: I love the texture of this soap its not too hard nor too soft , the size of it is also good it fits right to my small hand :)

Scent: It somewhat has vanilla scent which is very mild and not too strong for my nose. I love love it. It does'n't smell chemical-ish to me  and based on my research it is apparently hand made.

Here's what I like about it!

◘ I love it  from  the first time I used it I never had any  negative reactions from it 
◘ It has a rich and smooth lather texture compare to other beauty soap
◘It doesn't dry my skin! 
◘It makes my skin shinier and smooth 
◘ It doesn't leave any  dryness feeling after you use it
◘Most of all i love how my skin feels right after I bath ♥

What do you not like about it? Hmmm It  doesn't last too long... I wish they can also have a much bigger size so it can last a month or so. 

How many times do you use it? I use it every shower, I  alternate it with radish soap.

Does it really whiten your skin? I believe that it  somehow whitened my skin, I use the radish soap alternately so I really cannot tell you if it is the tofu soap or the radish soap that made my skin lighter ( perhaps the combination?) but it definitely made my skin smoother  and shinier.


Can you recommend it to others? Of course! I so love it, Its definitely a good product  so if you are looking for affordable soap that doesn't dry your skin try this!I love using this soap and Its definitely worth a try!

Would you buy this again  and continue using it? yes! yes! I will buy this again and again  and I've been using it for  a few months now:)

Rate: 10/10 

Thank you for  taking the time to read my review, on my next post I will  review  the radish soap :)

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