A Thank you note from me

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Hey guys! I would like to thank you for  stopping by ;) I've started blogging last 2011 however for some reason ( which i can't remember) I've stopped updating my blog which by they way only has 2 posts or so..  so today i realized  that since i  work at home why not try to  blog stuff every now and then and do some reviews on products and services? so there!  to get to know me a little bit better here are some facts  about me:
My youngest  lion dog her name is Caoimhe pronounced as "KEE-va"

1. I am vertically challenged! hahaha 
2. I have Shihtzu..  6 of them :) yeah 6  cute little lion dogs
3. I am a frustrated writer,not really that much of a writer but i wish i can be as good as the other.
4. I looooooooove to eat i mean seriously i do like to eat >_<
5. I like anime and manga so don't be surprise if i started doing     some reviews, rantings, complaints about animation and manga etc 
6. I like to buy stuff online.. so i'll do reviews on them too 

 so there! :) thank you thank you thank you!
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