Blogapalooza 2015: There's always a first time for everything!

Hello folks!Today's post is about my experience in  Blogapalooza event that was held last October 25 2015 at One Esplanade Pasay. First and Foremost THANK YOU THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for inviting me and my companion to this event.  I really appreciate it and will remember it! And because I am really sooooooo thankful  I will be making an honest blog about it. I believe I owe this to the organizers :)  we all love honest reviews right?!

loots and flyers :)
I will be skipping the whole history as I know that you are familiar with it if not please search it, you'll be able to find the information.  As mentioned in my title, it was my first time going to this type of event since I am really a newbie blogger, I will all based it on my opinions and experienced I will be very honest I promise to be unbiased. I have never really gone to any event like this so I really cannot make any okay let's start!

I will practically start with the negative  stuff I've noticed since I would like to have it all out of my head and focus on the positive things... 

◘My first impression of the event was really good, with all the themes  and those flashy lights going on. Upon arriving  me and my companion was given  our IDs and off we go explore each and every booth.  No directions or anything I was everywhere literally. 

◘The event had like an expo aura for me. If you've been to pet expo in MOA for dogs, It had the same feel where you go and check out their products and you get to have a loot bag with pens and fans and of course the never ending eco bags! :) which for me was okay I get to have those. However It really did not feel like a blogapalooza type of event it was more like an expo event type of thing for me ( puleasee do not bite me guys)

◘Okay I will be honest I was reaaally waiting for the "blogger's perk" that I was suppose to have. What I mean is that as a blogger  a newbie one for that matter I wanted to really get products and services that I'd be able to really review about. I thought I was gonna get Gift certificate for this to try this etc etc.. I didn't know that you  have to win them before you can get to have those ( if you've stayed until the end you know what I'm talking about) I have a few ones however  that really caught my interest I'll  be mentioning them later :)

◘Seats! Yes the seats! we had a few ones but it wasn't really enough I mean there was really nowhere to seat aside from the  one outside  where the food truck was and of the ones in the middle near the stage. 

enjoying my rest time  behind a the trash bag and oily face lol

◘ The wifi was really a problem, most of the booths required you to like their page or post a pic with their hashtags or add them on your Instagram before  they 'll give you your loot bag which contains flyers , pen , stickers or a fan. I wasn't really able to join most of their raffles because It was too much of hassle without a good connection. Which by the way I regretted since there were like major prizes from having to do those! (TT___TT) 

◘Some of the booths were not really approachable. I didn't say all but some. I like asking questions. If you're one of the booths you'd prolly see me asking questions trying to initiate the conversation and having a friendly talk and all.. however some were not as approachable as I was expecting them to be.. I was thinking perhaps they were too tired like me?

◘ We were asked to make sure that the back of our IDs should be all signed by each and every booth and I did that! I'm 90% sure I've got all of their signatures at back of my ID. I've heard the management announced it like three or four times  "make sure" to have my ID signed. I thought there was gonna be some raffle or prizes or some major thing that would happen. I literally stayed untill the end thinking there was something  but unfortunately there was none.. my companion even asked me why did have it signed anyway? so  I was asking myself the same really why did I have it signed?


So let's start with the  things that I liked about the event! :D here we go!

◘ I like the food ahahaha I like the fact that they did offer voucher for free food.. It took as an hour or so to get it but hey! It was free so I still give  it a thumb's up :)  I will be giving a  separate review for that.

Foodpanda booth

◘ Aside from the  connection problem and with all those you need to like our page and do a hashtag pic type of  requirement. They offered other games  like charades (foodpanda) dice game (victoriacourt) Golf (flawless) Free massage  and free consultations.

◘ Some of the booth also offered free taste e.g lechon and the leche flan and fun interactive games like raffles :)

◘ Toilets were available and the Female's Toilet were maintained clean

◘Entertainment was available for the bloggers e.g videoke :D too bad I wasn't able to try it

◘ Mascots were available  hohoho  I love food panda and the squirrel!

◘ Organizers went extra miles by having all the booth participants showcased their product upstage

◘They also had people invited  e.g valery tan to give us talks, tips and advice on how to become a far better blogger 

maxene magalona speaking up stage

◘ The major prizes were just A-W-E-S-O-M-E  seriously! I really wanted to have at least the Breville  juicer prize but too bad It wasn't meant for me. I really wanted it badly though. Congrats to the person that won it!! 

◘ I got the chance to have a picture with Kamikazee how kewl is that!

◘ There was a  demo done by barista marvin  and gave us a few sample of his home made cocktail

◘Even though it was a little bit  disorganized, the staff made sure we were entertained while waiting for the last speaker of the night we were showered with lotsa lotsa give aways, gift certificates power banks etc. I was able to get one prize which I am thankful for :) I was really too tired to be as competitive as the others

◘ Kian Kazemi was realy nice and it was worth the wait.. His speech was very inspiring..

These are the ones that stood out for me:

1. Bit Defender

I was able to get a card which will enabled to have a free product key for the 2015 bit defender. This made me gaga because I'll be able to do a review on how this product will work on me. 1 year free protection how cool is that!

2. Food panda / Bagwings 

Food panda gave a voucher that gave us the opportunity to get a free food from bagwings :) I'll make a separate review on the food :)  the owner was very generous enough to give  me one free chili garlic sauce which I'll make a review soon =D 
me and the panda!


This booth gave me and my partner the opportunity to try their application and explain how it works I would like to know a little about it. 

4.vOffice Phils Inc.

I was able to talk with the person in charge about it. He explained about the company , what it does and what are  things the offer.  I will probably do a separate blog about this.

5. Gaming Library 

this was fun! My companion was able to play the bling bling gemstone. I was able to win the 2 in 1 lense camera because of this.  We are even thinking of buying ourselves :)
I want one!

I was never a good player so I asked my partner  to do it for me :)

Gaming library booth

6. Manong’s Cebu Lechon 

It was soo  yummy.. I wanted to taste more but I was too tired to fall in line again it was sooo yummy!I am fan of this lechon that's why I have  written a separate article for this you can check it out here

Picture of the lechon with Mr. Roland P. Pañares

7. Sosra Fruit tea

They gave us free drinks and free Caricature! It was awesome :D

My artist

8. JB Music

Kamikazee was  one of the best highlights for me :) I was able to get a picture  of us =D  hohoho 

9. Ginhawa Massage

I was able to get a free few mins massage. It was very nice =) I wanted more but i was too shy to ask him since he might be too tired LOL  although I wish they could have given me like a free certificate so I could fully review their service :D 
massage massage

ginhawa booth

Over all it was a really fun experience :)There were  a lot fun things for me , but I have to admit that there was also a room for improvement and I thoroughly believe that the we all have learned a few things or two from this. 
I would love to do it again!! Hopefully I'll be able to meet other bloggers too!... I am looking forward for a better blogapalooza next year! 

Some pictures I took :)

I am cardboard

eating bagwings :)

flawless booth

break out manila


dianne demonstrating the squash juice

P.S More pictures  uploaded on my Facebook page!!  


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  1. Wow! You're one of the lucky bloggers to have photos with Kamikazee. I wanted also but there was a very long line and I wasn't feeling so good that day. Sayang talaga. Hopefully, I can catch them in other events. Hehe.

    ♥ Louise |

    1. Thank you louise! I was reaaaallly happy.. it made my day =) <3 <3 worth it ang pagpila kahit sobrang dami hehehe :)

  2. I also had all the booths signed on the back of my id! And I also stayed at the end of the program and waited for it but wala naman! HaHaHa


    1. I know right? It was one of the major let down for me i worked hard from signatures LOL .. hopefully next year will be better :D

  3. Blogapalooza 2015 was awesome! So lucky that you were able to meet Kamikazee! :)

    Cheryle | The Daily Whim