I was nominated for Leibster Award!!

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Hey guys so today I was nominated  for Leibster Award by Lady Arizel aka Jessica of http://ladyarizel.blogspot.com/ First I would like to thank you big time.. your questions made me laugh LOL 

This award is to help new bloggers like me to get exposure and also to get to know other bloggers by tagging or awarding them, Its main purpose to discover new blogs :) 

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♥11 facts about me ♥

1. I am  left handed
2. I am 151 or 152 cm height
3. I have 6 dogs Shihtzus
4. I like reading manga
5. I like reading pocketbooks and I sometimes re -read them again after a few months
6. My favorite oufit at home is my partner's jersey and his big shorts  :D
7. I do not have TV at home therefore I haven't really watched TV for almost 2 years now I prefer to snoop around the internet for the latest news
8. I was born friday the 13th 
9. I am a big time procrastinator
10. I can stay at home for a week or two without going outside 
11. I'm an english tutor but I don't think I'm an expert in English. Grammar gives me headache

♥Lady Arizel's Questions ♥

1. What was your dream job when you were a small kid?
My dream job was to become a  ballet dancer. Then I wanted to become a writer after that I wanted to become a millionaire =D

2. What would be your the shape (animal) of your Pantonus? If you don’t know Harry Potter, what is your spirit animal? 
 Mine would probably be a dragon! I luuurve dragons :) and it's my year sign =D

3. What will you do when you wake up one morning with pink mushrooms with white polkadots (imagine Mario mushrooms!) grew on your feet?
I'll try and see if I can jump so high with it, then I'll try to pull it and eat it and see what happens =D

4. Coffee or tea? How do you like it?
Tea I like it hot with peppermint 

5. A dark cloaked man approaches you and said he could grant you the power to go back in time whenever you want in expense of your own lifespan. Would you accept it? Think wisely.
Ah no.. I love my life span!  and I guess  regardless of what mistakes I made in the past.. It helped me become who I am today...

6. If you were given chance to learn a new language, which language would it be?
Let's see  French, Korean and Japanese

7. You were given a free hair makeover voucher in a salon, choose which color/s you want your hair dyed!
I wanna try the hombre color of black ash brown with red and or green!

8.  In which country do you want to spend 2 weeks vacation?
New Zealand!

9. Can you give up rice forever?
Not forever but I can give it up for a couple of months or so 

10. Can you stop using the internet for 10 months? If you can, how are you supposed to survive without it?
I probably can't :D

11. Describe your dream room.
My dream room? I wanted a room with a mini living room and a second floor.. also a room with a big bathroom and a bath tub :D painted or wall papered with white  or pink 

Since my fave number is 13 here the lucky ones I am nominating! 
Don't forget to check the rules!

Riza joy L. Relleve of http://www.rizarelleve.com

Mhaan arambulo-delossantos of http://www.mommyrockininstyle.blogspot.com

Almaira Casanguan of http://www.maicasanguan.com

KamikazeeGirl of http://www.kamikazeegirl.com 

Cristal Maramag of http://sailorstarcatcher.net

Ramona Jessica Nadong of http://mhownai.blogspot.com

Emiliana Limlengco of http://millette.sison.me

Jean cheng of http://madforsugar.com

Kimberly Jane Sioco of http://www.flowersforkimberly.com

Princess Celmea Aspuria of http://www.phantasmdarkstar.com

So these are my questions for the people I've nominated!

1. If you will be given $10 million dollars what will you do with the money?
2. If  you can have a super power what would it be and why?
3. Can you tell me the most weirdest habit you have? =D
4. Who came first? the chicken or the egg? Defend your answer!
5. What question do you hate to answer?
6. Do you believe in ghost? Have you ever seen one?
7.What is the weirdest thing that ever happened to you that you cannot explain?
8.What do you think is the most useless subject in school?
9.What is the one, single food that you would never give up?
10. Name 3 places you would never want to go to
11.If you could marry a fictional character, who would it be and why?

Have fun!

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  1. woah XD spelled that wrong hahaha I edited it XD sorry sorry. I was feeling crazy when I made those questions >_< - Lady Arizel

    1. Ahahaha I was a big fan of harry potter my self when I was in my Higshschool days that's why I was like huh o_O i'll go ahead and have it adjusted much okay now hope yeah feelin better now ! <3 <3