Review: My first buying experience from Zalora Online

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Hello! Hello! Today's post is about my first experience ordering in Zalora Online shop. I am not so sure about the shop's history but they've been here for  a little while, I sometimes see their advertisement poppin up just like lazada.. So I got curious and decided why not try their service? 

Zalora's website
What did you buy?

A pair of Fila running shoes 

How much

Original price is at PHP 1,7999 but because of the voucher I used I got it for  PHP 1475.18 how cool is that? =D

Fila shoes I bought

How did you order?

1. I went to
2. Chose the product I wanted 
3. Clicked on the check out button
4. Typed in my details ( name, address etc)
5. Selected the form of payment ( I opted for Cash on delivery)
6. Waited for the  item to arrive :)

Ordering was very easy.. It only took me less than 10 minutes to order and fill in my details. After that I received a confirmation e-mail stating that they have received my order. They also sent me an e-mail a few hours after, saying that my item was on its way :)

How long did you wait?

After receiving my confirmation I was advised via email that my item will arrive in approximately 5 to 7 days ( outside metro manila) so I was surprised to  received my order  1 day after my  confirmation. I ordered  it on September 10, I got my item September 11  

confirmation email

tracking information

How was the item?

I received the item in good condition. It was also wrapped pretty well with its original box and tags and everything.  I wasn't disappointed  :). I also like the fact that  they attached the return form in case I wasn't satisfied. It also has the step by step guidelines in case I need to make an exchange or refund. 

Return slip

text from zalora "maam/sir good morning this is zalora. 
you will have a delivery ( package)  coming today. thank you"


What do you like about Zalora?

◘ The ordering process is very smooth and easy
◘ I got my shoes earlier than usual
◘ I Like that  they have the cash on delivery option
◘ They also offer  voucher and discount code  :)
◘ They send you a message right before they do the delivery
◘ The item is in excellent condition  when I received it

What do you not like about Zalora?

I like  everything about my experience except for the emails they keep on sending like everyday to give them feedback :)

Would you buy from them again?Definitely :) One  of the best experiences I had from online shopping in terms of the speed in delivery. 

Would you recommend the shop? Yes :)  If you are looking for a hassle free online to shop I think Zalora  is a good candidate :)

Rate: 10/10

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