Review: Nichido Tindted Brow Gel

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Hey guys! Today's review  is about one of the few cosmetics I've recently been using. I do not usually wear make up unless I have to go somewhere really far but nowadays since I've learned how to do my eyebrows I've decided to buy something I can use anytime.

What made you buy it?

I originally had planned to buy an eyebrow powder which I learned from my cousin. Since I have been planning to buy one I have decided to go  to Robinsons. One of the ladies started talking to me and told me that eyebrow powder does not last that long and offered  eyebrow tinted gel instead. So I decided to buy it.
 How much is it? If I remember correctly  the price was  under 300PHP ( Sorry I have a memory gap so I cannot remember the exact price :p )

What brand is it? Nichido. One of the few brands  I like that's why I did not hesitate to buy it.

color/ flavor: I am using the color "brunette" , there are other lighter colors but I like this one better.

size: it only has one size 7m l/ 0.24oz



Packaging: Its very small and can fit in any  small bag/ pouch so I'll give it and A+ for that
Scent: It  has the same smell as mascara lol
Texture: It has the same texture of mascara the only difference is you apply it on your eyebrows instead of your eye lashes


what do you like about it:

◘No allergic reaction since the first time I use it
◘ Its not smudgy or messy this tint gel uses a brush so when you apply  on to your eyebrows its not messy, you can also blend it easier by using the brush
◘ Its very easy to erase it. I tried using my hand to erase the tint  one time and I was able to do it easier than  when I using an eyebrow pencil. 
◘It lasts long. It can last up to  12 hours.  Kudos to the sales assistant she really knows what she's talkin about ahaha
◘Simple to use you do not need to be an expert to use it..some practice will do :)

without make up :) 
with make up

me and my blarney nose hahaha


Would you continue using it? Yes I like that its a very simple product and straight forward
Would you recommend it? Yes I would. If you are looking for  an affordable eyebrow tint gel, this one is a good choice
Rate: 8/10

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