Review: Radish Soap plus 2 from Thailand

Hello!Hello! So after reviewing  my precious tofu soap here comes my other favorite soap the radish soap! Because of the language barrier ( I do not know Thailand language) I just call it the "radish soap" or the "orangey soap"  =D so anyway I use this soap alternately with my tofu soap.. I sometimes use them both in one day. I like their combination. Okay so here are the details
Radish soap

Ingredients: arbutin, butyrospermum parkii(shea butter)extract, coconucifera oil, fragrance, glutathione, hydrogenated palm kernel oil, lactic acid,oatmeal powder, olea europaea (olive), fruit oil, oryza sativa (rice) bran oil, radish extract, sodium hyroxide, vitamin-c, water

How much is it? 75PHP
Where did you buy it? I bought it from Sophia and kalel's pop up shop in Dasmarinas cavite.  If you want to visit their FB page  click here


The seller claims that: 

◘It can Whiten Skin
◘It Can Remove: 
    →Dark spot                                      
    →Mosquito Bites ( Marks)
    →stretch mark


Packaging: I like the packaging :) it looks very neat and colorful and it looks cute too :)
Quality & size: The soap  is color orange , looks very normal for me like a typical soap, i like it the shape and size it fits right to my hand.
texture: The soap is not that mushy,  and harder than the tofu soap. You can compare it to a koji-san soap I suppose. 
Scent: I love the scent, it smells like orange with some herb kinda smell in it (must be coming from radish) its a very nice smell.  I love the smell the most :)

orange egg ahaha

How many times do you use it? I use when I take a shower or bath 
Does it last long? One bar of soap lasts for a couple of weeks  give and take. 

Here are the things I like about the soap

◘The soap doesn't dry my skin that much, but my skin is drier than the tofu soap
◘It whitens my skin somehow and also makes it smoother after every shower
◘If the tofu soap makes  my skin soft and shinier, radish soap cleanse it thoroughly and gives me the fresh feeling I am looking for.
◘The smell is so so so good I mean it gives me this fresh feeling :) I'm probably addicted to its scent?

What I don't like:

◘I do have some scars and stretch marks, so far I do not see any changes or improvement, but I'm still giving this a chance since I've been only using it for  couple of months.
◘ It melts sooner than I expected ahahah but I still like it!


Would you recommend it? Yes! if you are looking for a soap that has the nice forest kinda smell :) go for this one you'll definitely enjoy it and it also whitens 
Would you continue using it?Yep I would like to see if its really effective on scars and  stretch marks and I truly believe tofu + radish soap are a good combination :D 
Rate: 7/10

I am still giving this soap a positive though since I love how it makes me feel :) 

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  1. Hi gumagamit ako radiah soap cgurag 1 week na . Ang weird kasi prang may butlig na maliit i.mean meron tlga ngaun lang tumubu tas nag dry skin ko tas may pagkapula na hindi pantay ganito ba tlga sa umpisa . Need ko pba ituloy to ?

    1. hello sorry for the late reply :) how have u been.. i never had any reaction like yours mines were all positive <3 did you continue using it? how was it?

  2. Not recommended for sensitive skin like me. Minsan mahapdi siya. Tapos hindi nagpapantay yung kulay ng balat. May mga part ng skin mo minsan parang nagbabalat. Pag nagpunas ng towel kala mo may libag haha.. masakit din sa lungs yung amoy niya.

    1. I apologize for the experience you've had. Every individual has different skin type. what might work for me might not work for you... I have had good result using this... why don't you try out other soaps? Baka mahanap mo un mas okay sau :D

  3. Hi! Gusto ko lang malaman sana if does it really works on Scars? I mean, does the scars really fade away?

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