School supplies donation for typhoon victims: #MabiniMabiskeg

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"Mabiskeg"  a pangasinan term for firm and strong. This  is how you describe Mabini a town from Western Pangasinan. It is one of the most hit areas of Koppu (local name Lando) a super typhoon that had hit the Philippines. Schools were hit the hardest and some were from the isolated areas of the province. This campaign is mainly focus on helping  the children to get back to school. As we all know  the government and charities focus on giving help mainly on their basic necessities such as food, clothes, medicines and toiletries. However  Let's not forget that education is also important. Children are affected by the typhoon and they  need help to get back to school.

picture from Balincaguin Conservancy  
"This project is to maximize and spread out the help people can offer. This may sound little, but a notebook can do so much especially that many families lost literally everything; it would help them get back on their feet and start again. Furthermore, the focus is on education because I was a child in that town who experienced being evacuated and all that. I could have saved other things, but my Mom would tell me to save my bag. I resolve that to parents, knowing that their children go back to school is quite a relief." -Balincaguin Conservancy

More often than not, people who watch the news or read the paper offer relief goods, clothes, medicines, and toiletries as forms of help. Only few give attention on the education of the children who are affected, how the kids can go back to their schools. -Balincaguin Conservancy

We can help them by giving donations they have assured that all monetary donations will be used in helping children get back to school. 

◘For local cash donations, please contact Franz Marabe through 0999 551 4843

◘For Quezon city  area  be turned in through Romelie Tamares (0936 694 9555)

◘For Makati area, reach Koko Alviar (0917 826 1557)

◘International cash donations are also accepted through online fundraising campaign via Indiegogo
( from abroad may click the link to donate.

◘ For organization who are interested and would like to help in rehabilitating the damaged schools you may email

Let's help! Let's do our best to help  the children get back on thier feet #MabiniMabiskeg
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