Why do Filipinos love to have Cebu Lechon during parties?

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Why do Filipinos love to have Cebu Lechon during parties ?

WHY? reaally? Do we really need to ask? Okaaaaay let me tell you why! I would like for you to use your senses and imagine this... 

A mouth watering  lechon is in front of you with  that  crispy looking  shiny red skin that promises delight when you taste it. How about your sense of  touch? Imagine feeling the crispy portion of the lechon while trying to tap the  skin while looking for the most crispylicious part? 

How about imagining a lechon with your sense of smell? A lechon that gives out this luscious smell because it has been enhanced with spices while it is being roasted delicately?

And  How about we seduce your sense of taste with the ooozing juicyness of it...and the taste will tantalize you with its tender meat that was  finely roasted with the right amount of herb and spices?

How about tasting the flavorful meat with its juicy fat? Oh don't forget the best portion of lechon the belly part! It will make you drool and will ask for more.. more and more! 

tasting the yummylicious cebu lechon!

So why do filipinos love to have cebu lechon during parties? They probably want to experience what we call Foodgasm! Hohohoho , on a serious note, It has been a cultural tradition that lechon is a MUST in any major occasions like Fiestas, Birthdays and Christmas...The celebration won't be the same without lechon! and cebu lechon has known to be the best ever lechon you can taste. A lot of filipinos will always look for this authentic taste of cebu lechon. Like the way you always look for your mama's cooking?A lechon is not the same if its not cebu lechon! and may i remind you because of its yummy taste cebu lechon don't need no sauce! Sauces are optional but not recommended  =) 

For your lechon needs, you may contact Manong's lechon Cebu at the following numbers and look for: Mr. Roland P. Pañares

Landline: (632) 475-6875
Cell: 0932-8805600 (Sun) or  0927-7839920 (globe)
They door to door delivery within Metro Manila 

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