Why I chose to work at home

Hello peeps how have you been :) Hope y'all doin okay! For today's post I will talk about the good and the bad side of working at home and the reasons why I chose to do it. 
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My main reason is that because I'm such a lazy person! Ahahaha  Kidding aside, I find working at home as more comfortable and convenient than when I was working in the corporate world. I used to work in the BPO industry in Makati and because I live somewhere in the south my travelling time took longer than usual I used to spend 6 hours of my time (back and forth) just for travelling. I became a zombie literally.  I was doing the same thing over and over: wake up→eat→get ready→go to work →work→go home→eat→sleep. I felt like I was in a rut. I started questioning my self  if that was the life I really wanted. Being in the BPO industry wasn't easy, I was a technical support reps and it wasn't an easy job, the environment was toxic. Most of the time you deal with  Irate customers. Some days were good but most of time you just gotta have your "patience is a virtue" motto carved inside your head. Eventually I've decided  to quit and ended up working at  home :) and boy it was one of the best decisions I made in my life =D 

So let's take a look at the advantages of working at home ( based on my experience)

◘ You do not have to deal with traffic! No travelling time yey! →less expenses hohoho
◘ More sleeping time for me :) I am such a lazy person working at home gave me the benefit of waking up 10 minutes before my starting time but still managed to be on time lol
◘More family  and "me" time I get to choose my own time too, veeery flexible indeed.
◘I get paid more than what I was getting when I was working in the corporate world. This is seriously true :)
◘ I get to do my hobbies more and do many things in my free time such as studying :)
◘I can go to the bathroom anytime  hahaha one of the best perks

Well working at home is  a dream job for anyone who is as lazy as me.. but of course there are some drawbacks:

◘Most home-based jobs require you to speak and write in English.
◘You won't be able to make new friends for a while...You can have virtual friends though :)
◘ Less time to spend outside. I mean if you are a sociable person and if you are working at home  you have to be prepared on being cooped up indoor all day. 
◘ You will be a freelancer and this means that your job is not permanent, you can get kicked out of your job/project without explanation
◘You'll be on your own without any supervisor to monitor you physically. So if problems arise expect to solve them yourself.
◘ Most of the time home based job has the "no work no pay" policy
◘Since you are working online computer, electricity and connection are the 3 most important tools you have. If you do not have all of them no work for you. so you do not get paid
◘Since you are a freelancer  most companies do not pay for your insurances ( SSS, pagibig, philhealth etc) you have to pay for them voluntarily

Is it easy to find a good home based job?

The answer depends on you capability, your skills and how confident you are with your skills and abilities and luck! There are maaaaaaaaaany  home based jobs that are available for you e.g online English teacher, content editor, writer, customer service, virtual assistant just ask mr.google ... If you have the skills and ability try as many as you can! If you are confident that you can really take on a specific job  you've never  tried and  you do not have the experience go for it!  No harm in trying right? :)

I like working at home, I like my freedom, I like to do things that interest me I like my "me" time... working at  home gave me those. I know that there'll come a time when I'll become tired of this kind of set up and would want to once  again spread my wings and explore the corporate world but for now I am thoroughly enjoying my peaceful life. :) 

How about you? Would you like to work at home too? :D

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  1. I love working at home. I can take care of my kids, cook for them, give them a bath while earning :D, what a life :D

    1. :D hohoho same sentinment here kudos to all the Work at home peeps out there :)

  2. I love working at home :D

  3. These are all true! But if I may add, If you're mom and you work online, you don't need to pay a nanny to look after your kids. You can work and tend your kids both at the same time. Money-saver, right? Hence, they can disturb you anytime and may result to your inefficieny. So, a mom really needs to set rules, but over all, working online is still the best option for mommies.

    1. totally agree with you :) kudos to all the mom's out there who can be called wonder woman =D