First Time Moms PH : A community for first time mommies!

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Hey guys! How have you been!  Today I would like to promote the First Time Moms PH community group. 

This community is started by RookieMommy.Ph with the following objectives in mind:

♥ To be able to help expectant moms on their pregnancy journey

♥To be able to help new moms on dealing with their new babies, postpartum, family planing, etc.

♥To be able to provide or at least give relevant information or to point them in the proper community on the topics of (Breast feeding, Bottle feeding, Milk Pumping, Baby wearing, Gentle Birthing, etc.)

♥ To be able to help brands that RookieMommy.PH is collaborating with to tap new moms so they can better reach out to their target market.

♥ Get exclusive updates on giveaways!

Sooo if you're a first time mommy I highly recommend joining this community :) I am pretty sure You'll have fun with other first time mommies like you! what are you waiting for :) come on and join now!

Community Info:
Name: First Time Moms PH
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