Mini zoo escapade & Dinner in the dark

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Hey guys! Today's post is about the experience I had in Tagatay. It was a  once in a life experience for me. I was lucky enough to be selected to participate  for  this event  I am thankful for that.

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What is it?

It is called Dinner in the dark.  It is literally eating your dinner in  pitch black.
This event was organized to let  other people  experience how is it like to eat like a blind person.

Where is it located?

I had mine at Residence Inn in Tagaytay on November 21 2015

amazing tagaytay view

♥ The experience ♥

It took us more or less 3 hours to go to Tagatay from our meeting point.We arrived there at about 4PM. The place looked amazing from afar. The first thing I saw were the horses, yes horses! I sooo wanted to do horse back riding unfortunately we did not have that much time.. too bad I wasn't able to take pictures as well.The inn has a mini zoo,we had the chance to check out the place before the dinner in the dark event!I was actually very excited because I haven't visited any zoo in years :) 

entrance to the mini zoo

A man waiting for donation to move :) he looked like a statue :D 

shops inside the inn

♥Animals in the zoo♥

I was able to see  different kind of  animals :D  The first one I saw was this Gigantic fish
was shocked to see a gian fish lol

see the size!!
The next one were the snakes! :)

mr snake :)

another snake

I was given the chance to hold a snake..I was scared but hey I guess I wanted to see how far I could go :) It was worth it though!

getting the snake on me

this was one heavy snake I tell you!

Next were the turtles and spiders  :)

After that we went to see the bigger animals :D

kissing the king of the jungle

♥ Zipline ♥

After checking out the different animals.. we've decided to also  try their famous zipline :) wohooo I was really scared but I managed to survived I just sounder like a banshee though =D

♥ Dinner in the dark ♥

After the fun tour and the heart stopping zipline, It was time to experience the main event. Dinner in the dark.  Here's the summary of what happened:

♥ We were asked to line up, while waiting for the tables to be set up.
♥We were briefed on what to expect inside and the things that we needed to leave behind such as shiny metal earrings.
♥ We were then introduce to the eye bank foundation 
♥ We were also informed the reason behind this unique event.  
♥ After the introduction  we were then asked to put on our blindfold 
♥We were guided to the our seats. 
♥Once everything were settled we were asked to take off our blindfold
♥ While we were eating we were entertained by a live music 

What I felt during while having dinner in the dark

Dinner in the dark was an eye opener for me. Experiencing it first hand has made a big impact in my outlook in life. In order for you to realize something you have to experience it right?  It was like that for me... I experienced something that made me realize how lucky I was, how blessed I am right now. 

So what really happened during the event: 

We were literally eating in the dark. After taking off my blindfold I couldn't see anything. Nothing It was dark. It was pitch black. No matter how many times I blinked my eyes, I couldn't see. The plates were set up  in a way that I can easily access them. At 12 o 'clock direction was my bottled water, at 9 o'clock was my napkin and at my 3 o'clock direction was my spoon and fork.

Since I couldn't see my hands started to move on its own to check everything. We were then asked to finally eat.  I was eating not knowing what was on the plate. It was the first for me. I used my hand, touched the plate to check what's on it. While eating I couldn't help but use my hand in everything that I do. Then It finally hit me. To not see what's in front of you was scary It was uncomfortable. It was something new for me. It was scary. 

I realized something that night. I am lucky, I am blessed to have my sights. I am blessed to see what I am eating , I am even lucky that I can write this article. So I guess what I am trying to say is... No matter what kind of struggles we have, We are still lucky to have our five senses.  To see nothing but darkness is not something you would wish for.  So yeah .. to be able to see your loved ones, your family is something we should be thankful for. And for that I am thankful.

Not all blind people are meant to be blind forever. That is a fact.  This is why this kind of event was organized. To rich out to me and you, we can give them hope by donating our eyes when our time is over and we need to cross to the other side.  By doing this we will give them the hope and the opportunity to see the world. 

kuya randy our table guide 
kuya randy and the person who was doin the live music both of them our blind

♥ The black magic show ♥

After the heart fulfilling dinner we were also invited to watch the black magic show. It was fun and scary at the same time. It was good experience.

the casts

♥ The verdict ♥

I spent my whole day having fun. =) Though my body was aching after waking up the next morning ( perhaps because I've spent a lot of time travelling during this event) I would say It was worth it. It was an unforgettable experience. 

Would you recommend it:  Yes It is one the experiences I would definitely recommend to anyone.  Especially  Dinner in the dark. 

Verdict:  10/10

Let's support the eye bank foundation. Let's give hope

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