Review: Baga Manila's 4th year anniversary event

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Hey guys how have you been? :) I was lucky enough to be invited on Baga Manila's 4th year anniversary...So Today I'll tell you my experience, It was a night full of fun! 

Please be reminded that I will only focus on my experience and my opinion, if you're looking for  other information regarding the event and the company, you can check out their website.

What was the event all about?

The event  was called Baga Manila's 4th year  anniversary. It was a Barbecue Festival. There was a special program that night to celebrate their 4th year anniversary such as contest and live music and prizes to be given away for the winners.

live music
winning gifr certs :) and some food stub
When and Where was the event?

It was held in Starmall Molino on November 15 2015

♥The event♥

♣ We actually got lost  that is why we were a bit late. We had to find the place since not a lot of people knew about Starmall. 

♣  The program was already starting when we arrived so  I had to rush over to the center to see what was going on. The first thing we saw was the  burger contest!The burger was so big! the initial plan was to have  a pair  for each team but because the burger was too big for the two to finish. They've asked to have 5 people per team instead :D I had to take pictures no matter what :D 

The giant burger courtesy of  Victoria's Delicatessen

The giant burger courtesy of  Victoria's Delicatessen

team 1

team 2 ( winner)

team 3
team 4
♠ After the burger ,the sausage contest went next. A pair of people were asked to participate in the sausage eating contest.

The sausages courtesy of  Victoria's Delicatessen

♣ The next one was the "Isaw" eating Contest ( Barbacued Intestine). Who ever is the fastest will win. My companions were lucky enough to compete as duo  and guess what They've won! It was a  fun experience. They've won worth PHP 300 Gift certificate to be consumed that night. 



smiling with their stick as evidence ehehe
the winners!

♣ Because they've won  we were able to get food  and delicious barbecues! =) 
♣ After the contest, we've decided to finally get ourselves some food.
♣ A lot  food stall were available, I wanted to try them all however my companions were already half full after eating  in the competition so we were only able to try some of the food stalls we thought were good and tasty :)

 ♥The food♥

Okay! So the highlight of this event was the food they offer! :) We were able to get Gift certificate to get as much as we can for this event and sooo  here are the ones we have tried and that actually stood out for me and will definitely recommend to any one...

 ♠ Quesarap ♠
Quesarap offered pinoy style Quesadilla. I happen to passed by their stall during the event and I was able to taste their Beef  + chicken Combination. How was the taste? It was delicious! I was so busy taking pictures that I actually left the Quesadilla to my companions, when I got back I saw them munching away while saying "Sarraaaap" ( Delicious!) . I tried tasting it and it was indeed yummilicious!  the sauces were soo good it blended well together. I am planning to visit their stall it is worth another try and I'll probably do a separate review on this one :) 


making quesadilla
mr. aaron zipagan the owner of quesarap!

♠ Carnival Delights ♠

Carnival delights offered us their ribbon fries! And it was sooo yummy :) I  love potatoes and  this one made my night :) the texture of the potato was just right soft in the inside crispy on the outside..and the combination of the sauces were purrrrrfect :) A must try! I would definitely go back for this :)

♠ Raj's Graden fresh Lumpia ♠

what can I say? A healthy treats for everyone! I have never tasted lumpiang ubod wrapped like the one. I've tried many "lumpiang ubod"(coconut spring roll) this one is by far the best one I've ever tasted. There is something about their wrap and how it blended well together with the ingredients.  If you are a fun of lumpia you know what I'm talking about! I ate mine at home and it was so refreshing and  delicious to have after all the heavy grilled and oily food I've eaten.  Do I recommend this? 100% yes!  It's yummy


phtograbbed from their Fb page

There were a lot food that were good however these 3 were the ones I thought were the best for me. :) They were so delicious that I would definitely go back  for more. 

Some other food we've tried:


mango crepe

we bought these for take out :D

other games played


Did you like the event? Yes I love the event it was a nice and fun night for us!

Would you go back? You bet!

What are your recommendation?

♣ The chairs and  tables weren't enough to accommodate the people  on that night. So perhaps more table and chair for more people :) 
♣ There were only 2 cashiers for you to pay for all the stalls. Maybe add more cashiers so we can avoid long queue
♣ Larger venue!  I think because its the christmas season more and more people will be visiting Baga Manila

Rate: 9/10

More Pictures are uploaded on my facebookpage!!

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