Review: Bagwings Food truck

Bagwings food truck with friendly ate and the the owner :) 
Hey guys! I know  I haven't updated my blog for more than a week...  I would like to sincerely apologize. Since today I am feeling good kinda C: .. I am going to make a  review!!! Today I am going to do a review on Bagwings Food truck. This is  actually a long overdue review, I was supposed to do it right after the blogapalooza  week but I had many things going on that I completely forgot about it..  Eheheheeh :D so without further a do!

Oh before anything else please be reminded  this review is based solely on my experience , I will only focus on this, if you are looking for their history and the likes you may contact them here

food truck on the go!!

The Name

The word bagwings derived from the 2 words combined together Bagnet + wings ( Buffalo wings) = BAGWINGS =D  isnt that clever ?!  Their menu is consist of food with unique  names and combination :) 

What kind of food do they offer? 

True to its name they mainly offer bagnet and buffalo wings  that are cooked with their special bagwings sauce. They also offer other food with unique names :)

How much  is the price?

They offer affordable prices  for delicious bagnet and buffalo wings! 

What did you order? 

I was lucky enough to be invited in blogapalooza and because of that I got the chance to taste this. I ordered the Bagwings worth PHP 200, it is a combination of Bagnet and buffallo wings =) I had to wait for an hour or so to get our food . I did not mind waiting , I was already thankful that I got to taste their food for free! ( courtesy of foodpanda thank you foodpanda!!!)

Tada!  ready to eat bagwings! :)
enjoying my bagwings :)

The taste

◘The bagnet was sooo yummy :) chicken wings were also good. It was a perfect combination.
◘The bagnet was cooked right , the meat was tender and juicy while the skin was crispy.
◘ the buffalo wings had this tangy and strong probably because of the sauce  but it blended well with it. I love spicy chickens. The sauce was to die for I would love to know their secret ahahaha


What do you like about it?

◘ I love the fact that both chicken wings and bagnet compliment each other's taste.
◘ Love the names of their menu :) It's a head turner actually and will make you think differently. 
◘The owner was nice enough to give me a sample of their chilli sauce which I will do a separate review in the future
◘Staff was approachable, I asked for a glass of water she was nice enough to give me one :)
◘Prices are also affordable

What do you not like about it?

The bagwings was very tasty like I've mentioned above, however the rice was a different story. I wasn't sure if it was the rice or the way it was cooked. The rice tasted under cooked for me. I don't usually eat rice but the rice that was served felt under cooked for me though. In the end I ate the bagnet and buffalo wings and left the rice... I was thinking because they were serving a lot of people perhaps the rice was prepared in a hurry or something so I am still giving them a benefit of a doubt that It was probably due to the nature of the event. 

Would you recommend it? Yes I would definitely recommend it 
Would you try it again? Hopefully I'll have the chance to taste the other food on the menu :)

Rate: 8/10

Bagwings website:

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