Review: Don Henricos Mall of Asia

Front door
Hey guys! How are  you? So today I will be making a restaurant review.. I have been wanting to review  this particular resto for a while now however because of schedule and some activities that I needed to prioritize I had to move the review until today. 
Don Hericos  has different branches  nationwide.The one I will be reviewing is the one located in Mall of Asia. Again I will be focusing on my opinions and how everything went based on my experience.If you're looking for the history and other information you can visit their website or you can use  mr. google for it. :)

Why did you decide to eat there?

This was the  reception venue for my god daughter's christening. And yes I think they do cater for different occasions.

How about the price?

Since this was a reception venue I cannot really tell you about the price , however upon checking their site, the prices seem reasonable enough. Its not too pricey if you are looking for an italian restaurant that offers good pizza and good pasta! You can check out more of the prices when you go to their website.

Where is it located? 

It is located in Mall of Asia ( at the sea side near Yakimix)

◘The place looks good if you really want a cozy dinner. It kinda have a very warm ambiance it feels classy but gives you a comfortable atmosphere. 
◘The design of the place looks good.
 The place has a good interior

Cute design
Cute interior

The food and the taste

The menu was consisted of different types of  food but mostly italian food 


Salad  was offered as part of the  buffet food. The also offered  2 types sauces I think one was thousand island.


Mozzarella Cheese Stick was also offered.  This particular bread has   mozzarella cheese inside it. My niece  liked it so much. It was also heavy for my stomach so I only ate a few .
mozarella cheese stick
 ♠ Pasta ♠
They offered 2 types of pasta
◘Spaghetti bolognese with meat balls
◘ Chicken al pesto
chicken al pesto

Since i am  a fan of pasta I like to try new ones I haven't tasted. So far I like chicken al pesto. It had a little tangy taste which blended nicely with the sauce. One of the best  for me. 

♠ Pizza ♠
They offered different pizza, I actually got over whelmed by it lol  This big pizza offered 4 types of  flavor.

The gigantic pizza!
me with the big pizza

pepperoni pizza
 I like this pizza a lot :) It has a creamy taste  in it :) I like creamy taste C:
white sauce pizza 

They offered 2 types of chicken 
◘Captain Crunch fried chicken
◘ Chicken ala Buffalo

Which one do I like better? I like the Chicken ala buffalo :) It had a nice taste in my mouth. 

Captain crunch Fried Chicken

one of my favorites the choco brownies! It was sooo delicious I wanted to take all home :)  The taste wasn't too sweet nor too bland. It was perfect!

The verdict

What do you like about the restaurant?

◘ I like the ambiance it looks really comfy :)
◘ They serve great food  specially the pasta the chicken and the sauces their  mayo &  garlic sauce is to die for!
◘The menu and the price seemed fair for me.
◘ The restaurant is clean  no flies  flying around
◘ Theirs staff were also not bad 
◘ I like the fact that they also offer delivery within the metro. 

What do you not like about it?

◘  The branches are limited. I live in Cavite, hopefully they'll decide to open a branch  here :D

Would you go back  there?

Yes.. I would love to try other pasta and other food they offer

Would you recommend this to other? 

Yes.. :) its a good resto with good food :)

Rate: 8/10 

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  1. Great review. I would like to try their chicken pesto, pizza and chicken. They all look so good.

    1. hi! lux G yeah they do have a lot of good stuff for affordable prices :)