Review: SeriEM Soap: Natural cosmetic soap w/ medicinal functions

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Today I am excited to review this natural cosmetic soap  called SeriEM .  A beauty soap with medicinal functions that are good for skin.

The soap
SeriEM soap  is 99.9% biodegradable that contains these main ingredients:

Serion ♠ Edible EM ♠ Red ginseng

♥Serion  ( REE + Selenium)

 ◘REE (rare earth minerals)
 - a series of minerals that are essential for our body's anti aging
 ○ protects our body from toxic and pollution. 
 ○ It is also involved in several mechanisms that protect our body from cancer  (protection against  peroxide metabolites, radiation and radicals)

♥Edible Effective Micro- organism ( Edible EM)
Made of more than 100 beneficial microorganisms inc. lactobacillus,bifidobacteria & yeast plant extracted from Korean fermented food

♥ Red Fermente Ginseng

○ six year old red ginseng that provides many benefits to our body

These 3 main ingredients are  combined together to give out the following benefits

• Hypo allergenic and safe for babies and sensitive skin
•Excellent for cleansing and detoxification
•Excellent anti aging since it slows down the aging process
•Eradicates pimple, helps with freckles too
•Good for healing atopic dermatitis
•Helps prevent hairloss and good for dandruff ( you can use it as anti dandruff)
•Helps prevent skin troubles such as athlete's foot and eczema
•Helps Improve dry skin and seborrheic skind conditions
• It stimulates Natural Gluthatione on your body

Note: Also good to mention

♦Serion powder has been FDA approved as a dietary supplement (reg. no 0017326) 

♦It has been also approved by Korean Food & Drug Administration as a good raw material of cosmetic
♦ Serion soap won various award in terms of competitions for best invention from different countries such as Germany.
♦ Serion soap has also been approve as a soap with medicianl function in japan under pharmaceutical Law ( License no: 13CY8388)

how much is it?

25g soap cost: PHP 100
100g soap cost: PHP 400

Where is it made from:

It is made from Korea

The experience

I was given the opportunity to try this soap and tell you what  It was amazing! I got the 25grams soap. 

So here are the details:

Size: The one i got was the trial soap which was relatively small. It is in circle shape so its very handy to use and good for those who like to have a handy soap that can be use anywhere , anytime of the day.
Color: Brown
Texture: The texture is not that hard nor soft. The 25grams soap lasted for a couple of weeks. I use it every other day along with my other soap.
Smell: The soap doesn't have a  strong smell but a very light smell. The smell doesn't last long when you use it. 

SeriEM soap 25grams

Here are the things I've noticed when I was using it.

◘ My face got tighten and its more naturally moisturize
◘ I also use it on my body and I've noticed that It has lessen the itchiness
◘ My body feel smooth and I didn't feel the need to use any lotion
◘ When I pull an all nighter I usually look like  zombie but upon using it, my face has somewhat gained its natural moisture that I didn't look sooo zombie-ish
◘ pimplet were eliminated and no zits on my face! :D
◘ NO underarm odor when I use it.
◘ Slow whitening effect ( for me ) all although it has been said that it stimulates  our natural glutathione in the body 

I have also asked my boyfriend and my 2yrs old niece to use it to see what are the effects on them here are the result:

from my boyfriend:

◘ No bad odor when he perspire after  long hours of playing basketball. 
◘ Since he has senstive skin he didn't get any  reaction from it
◘Skin has become smooth and it is easily lathered
◘ He also like the smell :)

From my neice:

◘ The mosquito bites she got were easily gone after using the soap.

I also use it on my dog's hot spot and the result was amazing! the hot spot was dried instantly. I wish I had the before and after picture of it but it was like a spur of the moment thing that I just wanted to try and see :D 


What do  you like about it?

◘I like the fact that its all natural and good for  babies and kids
◘ It helped look healthier when I pull an all nighter
◘ It helped my dog's hot spot! 
◘ my boyfriend likes the soap :D considering that he is picky when it comes to cosmetic soap
◘ It made my skin smoother :)
◘ The ingredients they use for the soap were all high quality and were all well researched.

What do you not like about it?

◘ It has  slow whitening effect.
◘ not available nation wide so you can only get it by orders from the  chosen re sellers 

If you're looking for a natural cosmetic soap that has medicinal effects and good anti aging + revitalize your skin this is the right soap for you!

Where can you get it?

because I am fan of it, I've decided to become a reseller! HOHOHO so do please contact me for inquiries

you can shoot me an email @
You can also text me @ 09483830022  =D 

Rate for cosmetic and medicinal soap: 10/10
Rate for the whitening effect: 4/10
Rate for the anti aging: 9.5/10

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