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Hello! Hello! Today's post is about my experience at the Vparty series Midnight mysteries in Malate. I was fortunate enough to be invited ( plus 2  Friends) by  Ms. Tracey Tan of Outbreak Manila. So today I will tell you my experience  and opinion about the said event. Please be reminded that I will only  focus on my story and experience if you're looking for their information such as history and the likes  feel free to use mr. google or please visit their website. 

What was the event all about?

It was a collaboration between outbreak manila, fox international channel and Victoria court, the even was  an outbreak, solving puzzle and looking for clues event.  Rooms were available for you to choose and you have 45 minutes to solve the mystery and survive the scare room.

When and where was it held?

The event was held on November 7 2015 at Hotel Victoria De Malate.

Which Scare room and scheduled did you choose?

We were scheduled to go to the Casino Royale room at 5:30pm 

On the day of the event

♠We arrived a little bit late because  we got lost ehehehe fortunately when arrived the people before us entered the room a little bit late too. So we had to wait a few minutes for our turn. While waiting we've decided to check out the venue and of course take some pictures :) 

♠ While taking our own selfies we were asked to make  scary faces in front of the video cam.. I guess we made a good scary face what do you think? =D

♠ We were also given stubs for the snacks we can eat later for the 6pm movie marathon party! 

yummy snacks part 1

the kind servers :)
yummy snacks part 2 :D

♣  By liking the Victoria Court FB page I was able to play the game  roulette game! I wanted to  win the t-shirts  however I failed BUT I won the lifetime card ehehehe 
the game booth

I wanted to get this and the cap 

my partner and I won the  life time card

The experience 

♠So after waiting finally It was our turn to go in the Casino Royale room! Yay! Well, I wasn't that excited I was more of like scared since I was imagining a lot of you know scaaaary zombies things inside that will haunt me or kill me.
♠ We were asked to be blind folded and that made me more scared.

♠ Upon arriving the room  was completely dark I mean totally dark... This time I was already pissing my pants! My imagination was running wild.. the thought of being trapped by myself was really scary.

♠ I cannot really tell you what really happened inside  but there was really no zombies that haunted me. We had to solve the mystery.

♠ It took me more or less half of our time to finally settle down, my imagination stopped me to participate thoroughly in the game. 

♠Upon realizing that there was really no one who'll jump at my back or in my face I started to finally get my act together

♠ Unfortunately our time was over. We weren't able to solve the mystery BUT we survived!! 

♠ The movie party was already starting when we came out so after the mental break down I had in the room, I realized that I was hungry so we started eating and sat down to watch the movie. 

what do you like about the event?

♠ The whole set up was good, the decorations 

♠the food they offered were good they even had pop corn!!

♠ I like the fact that they did offer free movies for the people and also some random games right after the movie ( unfortunately I didn't win any ahaha)

♠ every thing seemed well organized  like the lighting  the seats etc 

♠ the staff were very kind and helpful at all times

♠ The scare actors were good! They were into their characters... They did their part very well I think :) 

What do you not like about the event?

♠ Like what I've mentioned earlier, I was seriously pissing my pants when I entered the room thinking the zombies or something will jump out and will scare the hell out of me but there was none. 

♠I actually scared my self to death with my imagination. The scare factor that I was expecting wasn't there, It took me half  of our  time in the room to realize that ha!

♠ I was also waiting for my ex- crush Troy montero to appear but we really had to go home at about 9 or 10pm so I had to excuse my self and bid good bye before seeing my ex- crush :( I heard he came at 11-ish sigh!

The verdict

Any recommendation? 

Hopefully next year There will be more scare factors :) I loved everything about it but I was expecting the zombie to ravished me and eat me alive or the whole ghost hanging thing in the room and spill blood on my face or bat coming out or people getting skinned alive in front of me ( Okay I'm exaggerating LOL) that sorta scare factor..  You know what I mean right :D 

Aside from that I love everything, the decorations,design and the food! The people behind this event kudos to you! Hope for a better one next year I am looking forward to it!!!!

Rate: 7/10

P.S More pictures uploaded on my Facebook page!! 


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  1. You're so lucky! I failed to get media passes that's why I wasnt able to come :( maybe next time!

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