Canine Pregnancy: when your dog is giving birth

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Hello guys! For today's post I will be talking about Canine pregnancy. So why will I talk about this? Remember I told you about the  reason I was on hiatus for  half a year? The main reason behind this was because of my furbabies giving birth. Not one but three of em so it was like a whole  6 months of me  becoming a nanny not that I complain though :)

So for today's post I will give you basic information on what to expect and what to do BASED on my experience when your beloved four legged is giving birth. Again Please be reminded that all of the things I will mention here are based solely on my experience I am no expert, it is still best to always consult your vet for more and detailed information.

assisting my furbaby 

Brief Information

You've successfully mated your dog. So what now?

There are many information available online and it is best to first plan the pregnancy of your dog, a thorough research is a must for you to know the basic and detailed information on what to really expect during the pregnancy period. I am only going to tackle the basic information on what you should expect after your furbaby got mated. There are tons and tons of information online you can search and ask mr. google for it.

Here are the basic things you should see once you have successfully mated your dogs

♦ Dogs gestational period is between 58-68days after its first mate
♦ For the first 30 days there is no major changes on her. Some dogs will feel a little lethargic a week after it got mated, some vomit and some might loose their appetite. It is normal. 
♦ No particular bumps on the belly untill a month after mating
♦You should be able to see some changes on her specially on 45th day
♦ Her nipples will start to become bigger and fuller,
♦ Her fur will also start thinning on her belly
♦ She will eat more than usual. Some will start after 30days some start after 45days
♦ At 45 days above you should be able to confirm her pregnancy since puppies will start moving 

There are many ways to tell, these are some of the examples you can search for it or ask your vet for more detailed information.


Like Humans we also need  to prepare for the upcoming  delivery day of your furbaby. Here are the things I usually buy whenever I confirmed my furbaby is preggy.

pics were all taken from google images

Thermometer - very vital for you to have so you can check your dog's temperature.  I usually start taking my dog's temperature  when she reaches her 58 days. I check her rectal temperature 3 times a day. I gradually increases it to 5 to 6 times when she is on her 63 days on wards. Once it goes down to 36c,  within 24hrs  she will  deliver her babies

pen and paper - You need these two to record the temperature results

Alcohol & betadine -  Before using equipment such as scissors or thread I make sure to soak it for 5 to 15mins in a basin with alcohol and betadine. I also use betadine  for the wound after cutting the umbilical cord 

Clamp - you know those things that doctors use to stop the bleedin or clip  something? yea those ones you need it for the umbilical chord. You use it to clip it before cutting to stop the blood.

nasal aspirator - You need this so that when the pup is out of the sac the remaining fluid on his face nose and mouth can be sucked out using the aspirator

disposable gloves 

Thread: To use in tying the remaining umbilical cord  after cutting it 

Weigh - to measure the pup's weight

box or comfy place for your dog - A place where your dog can be comfortable for her when giving birth

Lamp with light at least 20 watts output - For the 2 weeks puppies cannot create their own heat so they need something like the lamp to make sure they will have the proper heat for the first  two weeks of their lives.

Milk replacer and bottle feeder for the pups- you never know what might happen so it is best to have an available alternative just incase

dextrose powder - pretty helpful once she is contracting. To ensure that she will be well hydrated mix it on her drinking water.

calcium vits and moringga vits  - after giving birth she needs to get back her energy and all the nutrients she lost, give her these vitamins.

Clean towels and sheets 

Old temp results

How can you tell if your dog is going to pop up?

There are signs you can see when your dog is starting on her first stage of labor

♠ Your dog is restless

♠ she seems to be more clingy
♠ she doesnt like to eat
♠ she is digging on her box or digging somewhere dark
♠ panting hard
♠ Temp dropped

What Should I do if she's showing some of these signs?

♦ Well the first thing is to notify your vet! That is very important in case of emergency at least your vet is aware.
♦ By this time you should have been monitoring her temperature. once It goes down to 36c ( e.g 36.8 below) she will give birth within 12 to 24 hours
♦ ready your equipment make sure everything  is in place. Mix the  dextrose powder and calcium vits  on her drinking water to be ready.
♦ then wait. yes! you have to wait and monitor  her remember she cannot speak she wont be able to tell you when she's contracting. so you have to be very observant.

my baby and her little ones

OMG my dog is contracting she is pushing! What should I do! what should I do??!

Most dogs can be left alone when giving birth BUT make sure they are monitored. There are cases when your dog wont really know what to do and will get confused. So as the owner it is your responsibility to support her. Here are some things might worth reading and consider while you are trying to support your dog when she is giving birth:

♣Calm down! :)  check if she is really contracting, you should see her pushing. Once you confirmed she is pushing make sure you notify your vet that she is now on the process of giving birth. 

♣ you need to make sure she is also well hydrated giving her a mix of water and dextrose powder and calcium vitamin use a syringe if necessary.

♣ Your dog will keep pushing, yes she might do this for a long time. DON'T PANIC check first if her water broke. If her water hasn't come out yet then you just gotta wait until it breaks or comes out.  It doesn't matter how long she will push as long as no water bag has been broken the baby and the mother are both safe .

♣  if her water breaks , allow her to push... now this is going to be a little bit tricky since her time is now a bit limited  After the water breaks the pup should come out  within the next 20 mins give or take.  

♠ After pushing and If the pup has gone down to the birth canal, it needs to come out within the next 7 minutes. since its oxygen is very limited and a possible drowning can occur.

♣ If the pup is half way out and your dog is still having a hard time  pushing the whole pup , try to to help her by holding the pup and try pulling it out veeeeerrrry gently when i say gently... very very gently in this way it will trigger her to push more.  

♣  if the pup got stuck halfway and the pulling did not work or no matter how many pushes she makes it still not coming out. immediately call your vet and notify him about the pup,  Remember the time is running out we do not want the pup to drown and we also do not want to risk the other pups who are ready to come out but they are just being blocked. There is a possibility of it being stuck there because its way too big to come out from the birth canal so your dog may go for C- Section.

Yey one pup is out! What should I do next?

♣ Make sure that the placenta is out as well.  make sure that the pup is also out its sack, mother dog will usually burst it and will immediately lick the puppy  to stimulate it and start biting the umbilical cord. However there are some cases like what I have mentioned above that the mother dog will get confused and will not know what to do, so If you observe that your dog is not doing anything with the pup immediately take over, make sure that the puppy is out of the sack.

♣ Once everything is out use your clamp and scissors to cut the umbilical chord and use  betadine to disinfect it you can tie it using the thread

♣ Use the aspirator to suck out the remaining amniotic fluid on the pups mouth and nose, use the towel and rub it gently to dry and stimulate heat. then place it to your dog's  belly so it can then look for the nipples to start sucking for the milk

♣ Please make sure to turn on the lamp while the puppy being fed this is to ensure that  the pup is getting the right amount of heat.

little ones feeding time

It has been a while since my dog was pushing I can still lumps on her stomach!

♣ This is an indication that there are more  puppies coming. It sometimes take time for it to really go down, you might see your dog pushing and if she  has been pushing for quite sometime now but no pup is coming out Do not panic! This is normal, there is a possibility that the puppy is way up her stomach that is why its taking its sweet time to go down. 

♣ I have asked my vet about this and he has mentioned that in every pup there is something  like a water bag, As long as there is no fluid or water breaking while she is pushing then you're dog and the pup is okay. 

Once your dog has finally  given birth to all her puppies there are things that you need to consider or make sure of:

♣ Make sure she is getting the right amount of food. and is well hydrated 

♣ contact your vet and schedule an appointment so he can check both the mother and puppies

♣ Make sure that she is getting the proper  vitamins, give her calcium  and moringga vitamins, these will help her produce more milk and most of all give her tender love and  care!!

Please remember Always make sure your vet is well aware of what is happening so he can help you right away and give you more directions if all the things i mentioned above fail. And Again I am no expert :) So AGAIN please make sure to always always consult your vet.

So there you have it :D Thank you for reading this, please look forward to my next post!! 

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