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Hello guys!  How are you!! I was on hiatus for a few months and I would like to say  I AM  BACK!!! WUHAAAAY I have been doing a lot of stuff and it literally took my whole time.. So I've decided to stop writing and I realized that it  it was already nearing 6 months since I last wrote something. I tried visiting my blog and It made me miss writing stuff about everything oh mi gosh!! So here is the summary on what I have been doing so far

♥ my do gave birth  and I assisted her giving birth :D
♥ I took care of her puppies
♥ I rehomed the puppies
♥ my other 2 dogs gave birth  and again I assisted both of them
♥I was taking care  the puppies
♥ I was looking to find their new owners ( and have found their forever owners)
♥ I spilled water  on my laptop
♥ I got scammed wanting to buy a laptop on a rush (booohooo)
♥I gained weight
♥ I started on my new business venture
♥ I started eating junk food

assisting  my dog :D
my little kuro who has now found his forever family 

As you can see it was all mainly about dogs.. I had to take care of my dogs who gave birth :) and having a newly born puppies are heaven but at the same time it takes time and effort to take care of them. I have tons of tons of things to share with you guys about them and other stuff  so hopefully you will look forward to it.

Ps: this was actually written back on April but then again as you know i love procrastinating so ahuh You've guessed it right! :) So now I am back on my blogging venture :)  please look forward  on my next articles as I have loads and loads  to share and write  I don't even know where to begin.  =)

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