Review: Iphone SE

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Hey guys! Today was good day for me since I got my Iphone SE from Globe postpaid :) Honestly I am an android person,  However after using an Iphone 5 I became an Iphone lover due to its easy and friendly user applications. 

I am really not very good with phones  I do get frustrated with things that are not easy to understand although I can tolerate it  somehow. I can honestly say that I can now fully understand the reason  why people stick with Iphones despite the simplicity of these phones compare to android phones which have loads of customize apps  (a perfect example is the font! I love changing fonts LOL) 

So today I will be reviewing this little monster here :). I will only be focusing on the basic information and on my opinion about the phone.  For full specification you can check out mr. google for it. :) There are tons of information about this baby here out there. I am only going to say what I really think about it as a common user with  an average knowledge about Iphones.

Specification: (credit to for the spec)

Dimensions and design
iPhone SE: 124x59x7.6mm, 113g

iPhone SE: 64-bit A9 SoC processor (two 1.8GHz cores), 
M9 motion coprocessor, 2GB RAM

Rear 12MP camera, f/2.2, phase detection autofocus, dual-LED (dual tone) flash, 1.22 µm pixel size 
Front 1.2MP, f/2.4, 720p@30fps, face detection, HDR, FaceTime

simultaneous 4K video and 8MP image recording

Storage capacity: 
Iphone SE offers : 16GB and 64GB . The one I got was the 64GB

They also offer different colors, the one I have is the color Rose Gold 

First impression: It literally looks like an Iphone 5/5s you wont really know the difference unless you look at the back of it where it says "iPhone SE"  So It felt like i never really changed my phone at all if we are talking about the physical looks of it.

Silver: IP5 Rosepink IPSE

What do you like about it?

Physical look: I like the fact that its small, It fits right into my hand. The design is actually very neat looking the fact that it also offers colors like pink is a plus :) I am girl ye know :D

Camera: The camera is awesome, it offers 12mp for the rear camera and 1.2mp in the front. The front camera surprised me a little, it takes a very clear selfie compare to the Iphone 5 I used to have. It also takes  better quality and clear video even in the dark! and  I am talking about the front camera here. yep! It can take a very high quality pictures and vids what more could you ask for?! It also have other application such as slow-mo i loooove it 

Fast response: I can honestly say that the it is faster than my Iphone 5 , the response is quite astonishing given the fact that it is relatively small. I love how fast the programs start and no delay so far. Its probably thanks to its A9 microchip and 2GB ram 

Touch ID: I love love the touch ID! It is soooo convenient to use  no need to really type in your pin so to a lazy person like me this is awesome!

Storage capacity: I chose the 64 GB and this is because 16gb  is too  small for my liking. I remember erasing loads of pictures and vids because of the limited memory of the iphone 5 I had. Well I am loving the 64GB memory :)

What do you not like about it?

It doesn't get hot  very easily unless you do multi things with it e.g using skype video call while browsing FB and etc. 

battery life is good but its not that better than my iphone 5 it gets drained faster if you're doing video call such as skype

I can honestly say that so far I am loving the Iphone SE, Some people would probably disagree with me about the size, but I am actually loving the size of it. I have never had Iphone 6 nor 6s so I cannot really tell you if bigger is better? But the fact that it has the specs that is almost par with Iphone 6s is something! :) 


Since I am a newbie user of Iphone I really cannot say lotsa stuff about it, I am very satisfied with how the Iphone SE turned out to be. It is very simple to use I like that it is very compact but offers the latest high end spec. A very powerful phone in a small compact body

Rate: 9/10

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