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Heeeeey guys! How are you! :D  I would like to apologize since I barely had time to really update my blog I promise to give you more updates from now on  I seriously promise!! :D  any how today I will be posting about a restaurant review.  A few weeks back I came across this Japanese restaurant. It is located in Mall of Asia.  We were at another event and it was very tiring night so we have decided to eat before going home... So we've decided to go to Nadai Fujisoba!

Please be reminded that I will only be posting my experience, if you're looking to get full details about the restaurant you can check out their official  site or you can ask mr. google :)

First impression

The restaurant looks very fancy. The display they have,  the color and the theme of the restaurant looks very authentic. They also have this eye catching  digital advertisement board outside  that looks like a gigantic smart phone... I even thought it was a touch screen where you can order but too bad I was wrong.

Ambiance and atmosphere

The place seems to be very popular so we had to wait for  a good 30 minutes or so before we can sit down inside. We had to wait on their waiting lounge.

The first thing I noticed while waiting was the painting on their ceiling, it was very eye catching for me. They give more accent and makes the place more interesting. 

Murals on thewaiting lounge ceiling
center lamp
Condiments  were readily available upon seating on our table. I thought they were nicely  laid out  what do you think?


The place  seemed to be quite busy. Staffs were very friendly and  you'll hear  them shouting "Irishaimasen" once you enter the restaurant.  Tables and chairs look clean!  We were given the menu and here's what it looks like.

As you can see prices seem to be reasonable  and affordable compare to other Japanese restaurants who offer same food. Staffs were very friendly and approachable. They were also very knowledgeable and seem to know how to answer my questions about their food.  We didn't wait that long for the food to arrive after ordering so it was big a plus for me since we were hungry. 

The food

some of the food we've ordered. 

niku fuji soba hot soup

niku fuji soba cold soup

The gyudon was good. It tasted like any other gyudon so it wasn't special or anything for me so I cannot really say anything much about it. My most favorite would probably be the niku fuji soba cold soup.  We've ordered both  the hot and cold soup and  I can tell you that cold soup was waaay better. It tasted better and the it was more savory.  The taste seemed to blend perfectly with the cold soup than the hot soup.  The soba noodles were done perfectly it wasn't soggy or uncooked. 


What do you like about it?

♥ the restaurant itself! It looks  fancy and worth a second look
♥ the food was also good and they offer them in affordable prices. Perfect for some one like me ha!
♥ The staff seemed knowledgeable and they were very enthusiastic in welcoming customers

what do you not like about it?

I cannot complain about the food nor the place itself however it would also be a good idea to have their own toilet or washing area. I wasn't sure if they have it in their MOA branch but when asked we were directed to the  toilet which was located  in the next building. We had to walk a good 5 mins since it was a little bit far away from the restaurant.

would you recommend the place to others?

Definitely! I am actually planning to go back there with my partner :) 

rate:  8/10

Nadai Fujisoba Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
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