A fun experience! Oishi Snacktacular

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Hey guys!  even though one month and plus had passed I still could not help posting this interesting event that was held last July 16 2016. This was a pretty fun and exciting type of event for me since it involved food :D har har har yeah I like to eat  I'm beginning to seriously think of hitting the gym since I  can feel my flabs on my tummy jiggling anyway let's talk about the event! Please be reminded I am only going to post details and information about my experience  on the said event. For more information you can check out mr. google!

What is it?

An event called  snacktacular by Oishi the maker of several snacks that are available nationwide

When was it? 

Last July 16 2016 

where was it held?

It was held in Mall of Asia 

We've arrived a little late , so we never got the chance to see some of the celebrities that were invited. Upon arriving, the first thing I saw was the huuuge crowd of people and the long queue so we were a bit hesitant to go through. We ended up going anyway! 

the crowd i see :D 

my view while waiting for in line 

I was given a what seemed to be a pass and a ticket before going inside.  Staff can stamp on it after finishing an activity and you get to have pts in every stamp. It was really a fun interactive ticket for me :) it was fun getting stamps



there were many activities from different booth..most of them were  paid for or you need to buy something in order to participate.  They were mostly interactive games where you have to do some physical stuff. Fortunately some of the activities can also be done for free courtesy of their application or was it fb interactive page?  I was able to get some passes to have a go by clicking some fun gif on their page  and you get to win a free pass at least on some of the  booth. 


make a snack

You just literally need to me your own snack. When I say make it means mixing  the snacks with the powder flavoring.  They have different flavoring and snacks to choose from. Unfortunately our choices were limited.  I remember choosing something cheesey and sweet and spicy. Wasabi flavor was also available. The taste was not really that special. I suppose because we did only had limited choices

my  order slip
O- twirl

You can get your ice cream here!  You can choose the flavor and the toppings :) I only had a free pass so my toppings were limited I chose the chocolate ice cream and some  chocolate  biscuit as the toppings. Ice cream tasted like Milo diluted on water.  I wasn't a fan of it.

Oishi slush 

one of my favorites! I had a free pass for this so I was able to  taste it. It was good I really like the fact that they made slushie out of  smart-c drinks. It was really hot and humid since there were many people so having  a slushie made it a little bit better and cooler 

Snack shack 

This is where you can get a big bag of goodies worth PHP 295  pesos. The highlight of this booth was the huge plastic looking  bag full of different types of snacks.  It was a big hit. 
you can see people comin out with big bags of oishi and the likes?

Cucko blaster

a fun game where you would  wear a chicken like costume and  just like the name they will blast loads of snacks and you have to catch them! of course you have to pay in order to participate. 

Pack and pose

A very  fun photo booth where you can take picture with your family. The more people you have the more pts you will get :D   We were also instructed to  post it on instagram to get a chance to win some prizes 

say cheeeese

Click catcher 

last but not the least! The highlight of the event the human catcher! You have to pay for you to play and  I soooo wanted to try this however the queue was a bit long so we've decided to just skip this. As per the name you get to become the  human catcher the more you get the more snacks you can take home :) It was also fun watching people doin it.

all in all I would say it was fun. I just wish I had the time and money to do the other activities. Wish they could do more of this and perhaps more activities? looking forward for next year's event :)

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