Lancaster new city House viewing & Designing your Home on a Budget Seminar

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I was fortunate enough to be invited in this one day seminar in designing your home on a budget led by Interior Designer Bam Basbas. The event was also a back to back  viewing day for Lancaster new city located in Imus Cavite.  Please be reminded that I am only going to talk about my experience and my opinion about the said event and  the place. If you are looking for more details about Lancaster New City please check Mr. google for it.

The seminar was held in Leighton hall of Lancaster new city.  The seminar was very informative and educational for some one like me who does not have a clue on anything about designing. We discussed different topics such as how to make your place bigger without having to spend a lot, different types of color that would make your house look cleaner, cooler and bigger. We've also talked about different alternatives on materials to use and what are the efficient ways to use spaces in our house. There was also a question and answer portion where we could ask questions related to interior. Here are the things I've learnt from the seminar:

♥ Color white is not a good idea on the outer interior as it fades and becomes yellowish in the long run. Its a good idea to mix another color, even the slightest color mix will make a big difference.
♥ Color black and white are not really  good combinations unless you want it to look like a chess board. It is always good to mix in another color like gray. 
♥ Earth color is recommended if you want your house to look cooler and bigger 
♥ Strong color like red is not recommended as we are in a tropical country so red attracts heat. 
♥Wallpaper is also good to mix and match with paint
♥ If you want an alternative for wall paper use cloth that are sold in divisoria for a better design and affordable alternative.
♥Vinyls are also good alternative for tiles. 
♥ Black tiles in the kitchen can be matched with wooden cabinets 
♥ You can match different color shades of colors that have different pattern for a unique style

We were a toured  in some of the model houses  and were given some tips and advice on how to design our houses using alternative materials that are cheaper compare to those inside the model houses.

before the seminar ended, there was a mini game where they would ask you questions related to the things we've seen while we were on tour I've actually won one GC worth 1,000 thanks to the person sitting in front of me hehehe

I have a learnt a few things on how to use alternative and affordable materials when it comes to designing your house.. I even learned a few DIY designs that I might try at home :)

game time

The seminar was very informative. I think this helped me and those people who were there in one way or another. This type of seminar is a really good way in educating people and catching their interest at the same time. No regret for me since I was able to learn  things I never knew :)

Lancaster New City

Like what I've mentioned there was also a house viewing along with the seminar. I had the opportunity to be toured in different mpdel houses. I have been in Lancaster New city a few years back (perhaps before ondoy) the place back then was still on the building process and the facilities were not yet complete.

our tour guide :D
Model houses
We had the chance to view the houses available in Lancaster and we were toured in some of the model houses. There were lots of interesting houses that I myself was in awe on how good looking they were. Based from what I understood, there were different types of houses available...the two types of  model houses we've seen were: Old English country and Modern Asia. 
♥Old English country:
This house model was my favorite! It looks like a mini castle, in my opinion anyway :D  the way they designed the model house was really pretty. I like the fact that they are really holding on to the old English style house.  This house model has different sizes that can cater different types of household.  They also have bigger garden compared with modern asia houses. I also like that this model has more windows and more rooms :)

♥Modern Asia
Like the name of the model, houses are more like asian style and are very different from the old English country houses. They are also pretty interesting. Most of the model houses we've gone to have different feels and styles. These models were smaller compare to the old English houses, what I like about it though is the fact that you can do a lot of things with the spaces  you have. It was designed creatively so you can  make changes or improvements easily, for example expanding your rooms or making the living room bigger. You can definitely maximize the spaces you have for this model

Facilities and Amenities
♣Leighton Hall.
Leighton Hall is a function hall that can be use for different purposes. We've held the seminar here and it has a very nice ambiance.  It has different function rooms that can be rented for a certain amount. These function rooms can be used for different occasions such as wedding birthdays baptism. They also have smaller functions rooms for business meetings and the likes.

outside leighton hall

leighton hall 
function room 
♣Swimming  pool
The swimming pool is open for the public use, you can pay for the entrance and can use the pool. I like the fact that it is clean and very accessible for everyone.

Church of the holy family is located in Lancaster new city. This church is one of the amenities that I really like. I was amazed with how the church turned out as I remember seeing it in gravel and sand a few years back. The design and how they managed to make it the way it is now is very interesting. Its big and can accommodate a few hundreds of people without the church being overcrowded.

♣St Edward Integrated school
Lancaster has also opened St. Edward Integrated school  which offers education from elementary to senior high school. The school has since been in operation and have opened 2 campuses. They are planning to expand it by building more campuses inside Lancaster in the near future.

♣Transport hub

Lancaster has provided its residence the convenience of transportation.The transport hub is available for their residences. You can take buses  from here to manila and vice versa, mini cabs are also available as another type of public transportation for nearby areas, tricycles and public jeepneys are also available. Residences have different options for public transportation so you do not need to go far away, Lancaster has made sure you can go from point a to point b. Its also accessible any time.

image taken from google credit to the owner
image taken from google credit to the owner

♣Lancaster Square

Need to go shopping? No need to go far away Lancaster Square offers many business establishments here. Welcomme, haotsin and baga manila to name a few.  You can do your dry and wet market here.Shops, restaurants and coffee shops are also available. This is located next to the transport hub.

image taken from google credit to the owner

image taken from google credit to the owner
Future plans 
♥Suntech Ipark
Lancaster is planning to open their bpo park inside the new city. This will be a good opportunity for people who are looking to get jobs in the IT or bpo industry and will also give a lot of opportunities for those living in Lancaster new city and nearby areas.
image taken from google credit to the owner

Lancaster new city is  definitely a city within a city. The whole place is big enough to be called a town or city itself! They almost have everything within. They are expanding and getting better. It is definitely a place where you can enjoy your self without having to leave. almost all establishments are walking distance. What I also noticed while touring, was the amount of guards they have in every places. It is very reassuring to know that they have them almost in every block. This gives you the assurance that you are safe even at night.

Based on what I have seen, I can definitely say that It is a good place for your family. They have given solutions for the major problems that usually occurs in a newly built and developed houses like transportation, school and shopping establishments. You can definitely find everything there. Lancaster new city gives you what you need.

For more information you can check out their website and social media

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