My horrible ordeal in applying for PLDT Fiber


I am actually having a hard time choosing the title of this post. I wanted it to be more creative and more eye catching  however I could not find the right words that would fit this post. So I have decided to just be straight forward. So yeah this post is about my horrendous journey in applying for the PLDT Fiber. 

Why did you apply for it?

As a person who is working at home, stable connection is vital. Unstable connection means your work will be affected tremendously. In my case my work belongs to the No work No pay category so imagine if my connection becomes intermittent or when internet connection becomes unavailable... I am basically loosing money. So why? Simple because I wanted to find a good internet provider that will give me a stable connection.

How about your previous internet provider?

In all honesty my  previous internet provider Globe was okay I was with them for over 4 years or so... the main problem I've had was that it becomes very unstable when it rains or when the weather changes. It also slows down the second the weather changes from sunny to rainy.

4 years?! What made you decide to finally switch?

Like I've mentioned I have been so loyal to Globe even though at times I get agitated when the connection becomes unstable or when the connection goes down that I wanted to freaking throw my modem and smash it (you feel me? that's how frustrated I was) Then  One day as I was walking I saw this big tarpaulin on the way back home like literally few blocks away from my subdivision that says powered by "pldt fiber up to 100mbps" and I was like sooo fiber is now available in our area wohooo! 

I know a little about fiber connection since I used to work as a Technical rep from well known call centre company in our country. So I know that it is way better than the typical broadband/dsl we have. I also found out that our Bgy. Hall was also on fiber connection so that made me want to finally switch and say good bye to my old provider. 

It is one of my longest posts but if you're planning to get the PLDT Fiber you may want to read this 

August 10 2016 

I finally decided to apply for PLDT fiber. Since I had no idea where to go or who to contact I've decided to use their online application that was available on their website. I had to fill up an application form so I did. It also asked me to send a valid ID as the requirement which I gladly sent along with my application. After sending it I received and email and a text stating that I would get a call within 24-48 hrs. 

August 12 - 16 2016 

Come 2 days no call or txt for me so I was  really confused as to why I did not get any calls. So I made a follow up on their  page after 2 days of applying and this was their response :

Apparently there was a duplicate name. Even though I've only applied with them once recently..I thought that perhaps they were seeing the application I made from 7 yrs back for a DSL connection. 

after that they've replied back asking for my complete address and I was also asked to provide 2 PLDT telephone numbers. I made an effort to ask my neighbors for the telephone numbers so I could get this settle once and for all. 

After providing the details I asked them when will I get an update or feedback to which they replied that it is still on process and they would get back to me. Since I did not want to sound like a nagging customer I patiently waited for their supposed update. I did not want to jeopardize the on going process of my application.

August 23 2016

The so called call that I was supposed to have never came, no updates nothing so I finally decided to once again make a follow up and message through their FB page at the same time email their customer service.  I got this as a reply:

By this time I was getting furious since after the conversation we've had this was their answer? I mean come on! I was already waiting and have been very patient and this was their reply?! 

I answered by sending them the reference number that was given to me and have told them that I was supposed to get a call but I never did. I did not want to submit another  application since I did not want to get another duplicate and would just delay  my application in the process. 

Since I am starting to get pissed I also sent an email to them stating my dissatisfaction on how they handle my application  3 weeks after sending the application I still did not get the call. To which they have apologized.

By this time I was frantically looking for an agent or a human person I can talk to so I can get my application processed since almost 3 weeks after sending my application I still do not know the status of it. 

August 24 2016

After searching on Fb pages and joining groups to find an agent near my area that I could talk to I finally found some one that handles PLDT DSL/FIBER account. I have told her my situation and she said that the I won't be able to get the call since my requirement is incomplete.

I was supposed to give a valid ID and a proof of billing. However I told her that If you apply through website it would only ask you for the  Valid ID, it never asked me for any proof of billing.

Our conversation went on a little bit further , she had checked that our area is fiber capable so she said that she would get some one to drop by my house so I could fill in a new application and I can send proper requirements.  

August 25 2016

I finally got the call that I was waiting for  3 weeks after my application. The representative apologized and said that there was some problem with my application and so they could not  find it blah blah blah. Since I already applied all I need was to submit a sub certificate to sign, he said he would send it through my email after our conversation. I waited no email came in.  

August 26 2016 

An agent came in our house with the application. I fill out another form, I have also sent the requirements they needed including the proof of billing. I asked them when will I  get a feed back and the agent replied that I should hear from them within a week.  

By this time I  started not to care if my application will be duplicated, I've waited for 3 weeks and my application went nowhere. So I gambled on the fact that that I am now speaking with an agent.

September 6 2016 

After 10 days of waiting I never got any update from the agent that was sent to my house nor the email that I was supposed to get from the sales representative that promised to send the documents after our conversation. I have texted the agent that came to my house and asked how come no update was made. I never got any reply.

I decided to messaged the first person I talked with ( that one that sent the agent to my house) I  got a reply from her.  After exchanging messages as to why her agent did not even update me she finally said I was on manual reservation. 

Manual reservation? I am not really aware what that meant I mean who would? and here was her explanation:

So in my mind this must be some kind of  temporary delay so I said I will get back to her in 3 to 5 days not knowing what was Manual reservation really meant.

September 9 2016 

I made a follow up on my application since It was nearly a month since I applied for the fiber connection.  and this was her response: 


By this time I am totally pissed off  nearly 1 month of my application and I do not really understand what is really going on.. I have applied through website my application went nowhere. I finally got a person to speak with and an agent came to my house but I have no idea what the hell is the status of my application since they seldom make an update

September 12 2016 

I  was so pissed I finally decided to call the PLDT hotline using my land line because I was already agitated with my application  going nowhere for a month so I couldn't careless if my phone bill would go skyrocket. 

The customer representative I spoke with checked my application and she saw that my application was there but upon checking she said that our area isn't Fiber ready. Say Whuuuuuut?? I am really furious since after all the application I did and wasted effort my area is not fiber ready?

I messaged the agent once again for clarification and by this time I am really giving up on having the fiber connection so I said that if its not available I would just go ahead with the DSL connection instead. 

She called and we talked about what the representative told me and clarify what what the representative meant. I also asked her to clarify regarding the manual reservation thing. Based on my understanding Yes our area is fiber capable BUT no slot available.   

The manual reservation meant that since the box where the fiber is connected has no slot . I am on manual reservation which means that if ever some one will disconnect their line ( I mean who would??!) I am next to get it. So it may take months and months before I can avail for it.  

So did I get the PLDT Fiber? NO It took them nearly a month to literally tell me that there is no slot for me. 

I realized that getting a fiber connection is basically impossible unless I would wait for god knows how many months. 

I have decided to just take her offer for the copper dsl connection. Since I am switcher (switching to PLDT from a different provider) I am entitled on their promo of 50% . I said to just go ahead with the DSL application instead. To get the promo I had to submit another requirement a receipt of the latest bill of my then internet service provider. 

September 16 2016

I finally submitted the last requirement through the agent  I told him to update me every now and then but I guess update was never in their vocabulary.. there no update  or follow up.  Because  I did not want to stress my self out pretty much further I gave up on the fiber and the follow ups. I only did one follow up on my DSL application that was on September 22 2016 

October 6 2016 

3 weeks after sending my last requirement with no updates or what so ever the Installer finally came to install my DSL connection which took more or less 30 minutes.  
goodbye globe 2012 -2016

Nearly 2 months of application for PLDT fiber to PLDT DSL. I was really drained. I never knew that applying for PLDT connection would be so hard. The whole process took more or less 2 months. I do not like to rant the whole process was so bad I literally regretted applying for it.

So what really went wrong?

 The call

The call was supposed to come 24-48hrs but it never did. I also missed one call from them during the process because they only called once! 

I was on the verge of answering like literally just one push but it stopped ringing, thinking they would call again I waited but they never called back. I guess  they are only allowed to call customers once a week? 

Customer service

They are not knowledgeable enough to accommodate customers. I was really furious when the customer representative told me that our area is not fiber ready but it turned out that it is however there is no slot available.

PLDT agents 

I think need to be trained on their customer service. The agent that was sent to me did not even have the guts to update me. So I have no way for me to know what was really going on I had to go my way out to call PLDT hotline to get an update.  Agents were some what rude at least in my opinion. 

There was no really explanation on what they mean about manual reservation. So my understanding of manual reservation was something like a temporary of delay. Something that can be fixed in a couple of weeks or so. But I was wrong.  

So if you are applying for PLDT Fiber just make sure that you are ready to get this type of service and have the patience of a saint. Like what the agent told me.. this is the curse of PLDT   

P.S Since I do not own any smart or talk n txt sim card I did not know that you can call pldt hotlines for free. Had I known I would have not wasted money calling from my landline ( which happened to be Globe and  we are located in cavite so it was long distance call) 

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    1. i totaly agree with you! too bad so sad for us :(

  2. I think im experiencing the same situation now. First choice is Fibr X, kaya lang di available yung line samen, so I decided to apply for PLDT Fibr 1299. Customer service rep on FB messenger takes 2 or more days to reply, same as on email. Tumawag ako sa hotline nila, di ko naintindihan pinagsasabi nung rep, ang naalala ko lang nagsabi akong magpa-follow up ng online application, ang malinaw lang sa sinabi nya, tumawag ako an hour after.

  3. same here 1 month nako nagaapply ngayon, everyday ako tumatawag sa hotline nila, different supervisor and agent nakausap ko ( agent id: c281 urfa id:c040 Kenchi id:C598 id c321 diko na nahingi yung iba. they are always saying the same, creation napo n/
    nagccreate napo nang order number, field visit napo, eexpedite po namin yung application nyo, tatawagan ko po kayo after 1-2 days for update. wala padin same situation. pag tumawag ako ulit tatanong nila. application #: /name/plan/amt/kind of service/address nang pagkakabitan/nearest active pldt line/ putangina from the 1st agent up to the 15th agent same speil. ni walang update na makuha. still no resolution.

  4. I'm having the same scenario at this time. I initially applied for their Fibr Plan 1699 via online and decided to upgrade it when I received a call from one of their Sales Agents. Then few more weeks of waiting, still no calls, updates and installer coming in to our place and that's when I took advantage of talking to their field agents I found in Robinsons Supermarket. She explained that if the application lasts for a month or so, it'll be automatically cancelled so I decided to fill out the manual application form and let her process our request. But then again, weeks of waiting happened so I called their customer service and asked for the status of my application. Agent mentioned that installation process has been delayed due to duplicate application (online and thru agent) and they had to cancel my first application (which was also mentioned by the field agent we've talked to). At the end of the call, agent assured me that one of their technicians will reach out to me for installation and up to this day, I haven't heard any feedback. It's just so disappointing that it takes a lot of time for them to process your application and because of this it makes you think that they have bad service overall.

  5. It's 2018 and this post was made 2 years ago but damn I am experiencing this right now. i submitted my application on line for almost a month already and haven't heard from them since then. we only conversed through e-mail and it's really pissing me off already. i am thinking of going back to GLobe instead but they do have poor services in our area.

  6. Ugh i cant believe that many people are experiencing this crap from PLDT. Ive been applying since Feb2018. maybe i should just drop my application and apply to sky instead?