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Hello hello! Since its been so long since I have made a review on a product I will do it today! Yay :D so today I am reviewing my current moisturizer Myra Vita Smooth. Please be reminded that I will only mention my opinion and what I think about it based on my experience. If you are looking for information about it you can check  out Mr. google for it :D 

What is it? 

Myra Vita Smooth  hydrating facial moisturizer. Its a moisturizer for your face. It has  Vitamin E the helps hydrate your face.

How much is it? I bought it for below 100 pesos for 50ml

Where can you buy it? I bought mine from SM supermarket

What made you buy it? 

 I always try to look for effective moisturizer that would suit my skin type. As much as possible I like to avoid moisturizer that has the whitening effect why? Well I never wanted my face to be whiter than my skin.. I remember using one before  and my boyfriend asked me how come my face is waaaay whiter than my skin ugggh... Since I am using whitening soap already I think using this type of moisturizer is better.

Texture: It is very whitey liquid that has a very good texture its not very sticky for me
Smell: The smell is average its not very scented it has a subtle smell
Packaging: I quite like the packaging of it. I like the color of the box and the color of the bottle. Its not very fancy but I quite like the simplicity of it 
Price:  A cheap moisturizer but definitely effective 


I like the effect on me. I have been using it for a few weeks now and so far I have noticed that my face has become smoother than before. I usually wake up with oily face.. I mean you can literally fry egg on it! Since using Myra vita my face has less oil. 

I am also a nocturnal type of person so imagine my skin the never ending eye bags (u_U)  but since using this I felt that my face became better, my eyebags are less visible ( at least to me ahaha). My pores became smaller my wrinkles were reduced and lastly I look better on cam without filter too ahahaha

What do you like about it?

♥ It isn't sticky. I like that it has a very liquidy type of texture which is easier for    me to use.
♥It is very easy to use as well and easy to squeeze out from the bottle.
♥It is also very cheap and can be bought in any major supermarket 
♥It gives me the clean feeling after applying it on my face 
♥It has vitamin E which makes it better for some one like me ahahah

What do you hate it about it?

♦ Sometimes I find it a bit messy to use , I suppose due to its nature so I don't think this can be changed
♦ I am trying to find a larger version of this however I can only find the 50ml as the biggest one.


Would you buy it again? Yes :) I quite like it  I would love to see what other effects it has in the long run

Would you recommend it to others? Yes Its very cheap and effective for me :) If you're looking for a good and cheap moisturizer  try this 

Rate: 9/10 

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1 comment:

  1. Hello! How many months did this moisturizer last? I've been considering to buy this as my new moisturizer but i'm still debating whether I should get aloe vera gel or this one..