Romancing October: #romanceclass FeelsFest at Glorietta 5

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October is the month for holidays such as Halloween and Oktoberfest. I'm pretty sure many of us are looking forward for these days to come. Decorations and costume can be seen anywhere. Event for Oktoberfest are being advertised  here and there.... 

What if you can celebrate love in October? Yes you can! That's what the  #romanceclass community of authors and readers have realized!

What is it? romance class: FeelsFest 

When and where? October 22 2016 @ glorietta 5  in Makati

Time: 2PM to 6PM.

Admission is for FREE  yes free so  if you do not have anything to do come, join and show your feels!

These are some the few exciting things to look forward to in the upcoming event

♥Authors will be on hand to meet readers and sign books. 

♥They’ll be selling indie romance books—many of which you won’t find in your typical bookstore. 

♥There will also be games, giveaways, the launching of over 15 new titles published by indie authors just this month

♥a book donation drive for Ayala Malls’ Little Free Library

♥and the much-anticipated live readings! 

Live readings

In fact, #romanceclass live readings are show stealers, thanks to the feels delivered by actors invited to read excerpts from romance novels. 

Previous live readings have been punctuated with shrieks and sighs. #FeelsFest will mark the fifth official live reading event, the last one held just last month at the Manila International Book Fair. 

#FeelsFest will feature new live readings from #romanceclass books. (Visit to get the audio versions.) 

The #FeelsFest live readings will feature performances by Gio Gahol, Rachel Coates, Hervin Alvarez, and Gabriela Pangilinan. Expect to hear scenes from books by Mina V. Esguerra, Ines Bautista-Yao, and more. - romanclass

Mina V Esguerra book author of Tempting Victoria, What You Wanted, and Iris After the Incident encourages people to read, write and publish: “The #romanceclass community is all about encouraging each other to read, write, and publish books we love, #FeelsFest is our chance to give back to the community of readers and friends who’ve supported us. We get to have a little fun, and maybe meet some new people who love a good love story as much as we do.” Her books will als be available for the sale at the event.

If you're into hugot and love happny endings  drop by glorietta 5 on october 22 2016. Selling will begin when them alls open but officialprogram will start at 2pm

For more information about #romanceclass,visit, where you’ll see a catalogue of the authors’ books along with other information about the community. #FeelsFest is brought to you by Ayala Malls.

CONTACT: Mina V. Esguerra
Twitter, Facebook: minavesguerra

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