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Let's be realistic, buying products from overseas is one of the most excruciatingly painful and difficult thing to do (well at least to me). Many of us are very skeptical in buying products overseas. One of the main reasons is the inconvenience of having to go through our  customs. Have you ever tried buying products abroad through online shops? If you have, then you must have went through at least at one point in your buying experience  what I call "welcome to customs from hell"  

Customs are notorious for holding your parcel or package. They can hold it for various reasons...I remember  mine got held because the seller was using Chinese letters for his name (duuhhh he is Chinese for crying out loud) So I had to travel all the way to their main office which took about 1-2 hours, then after arriving I had to wait for 2 hours to be called and then another 30 minutes since they needed to inspect my parcel and all those documents proving that I genuinely bought from a genuine shop. I ended up paying twice the price of the total value of the product I bought.  The funny thing was I never really minded paying the tax I believe it is the duty of every citizen to do that BUT The whole experience was exhausting enough to made me not want to buy from any international online shop. I wasted a lot of my time, I had to take a half day off from work so meaning I was loosing money and the worst part was that I had to experience one of the BEST ( I am being sarcastic here) Customer service.  So I said to my self to never ever buy anything overseas unless I have some friends or relatives who I can ask the favor to send it along with their balik bayan boxes.  

 So what is the point of my post? Well I would to take back what I said about not buying products overseas :)... I found a very very good way to do my international shopping specially in the US without having to go through the same experience ever again. Uskoop made me change my mind.

Uskoop is an e-concierge dedicated for  consumers who are into buying from Global international merchants  such as amazon. It lets you choose what you want to buy from hundreds of merchants worldwide and offers a unique experience in your international shopping  spree. It is  a One-stop shopping-and-shipping service on one site. As you can see from their site there are 3 easy steps in buying:

1. SEARCH  for products you want to buy from Top Global Merchants on world wide web
2. COPY URL from the above step  and paste it on  Uskoop search space. On clicking the search icon, the product’s full landed price ( i.e. all local and international shipping costs, handling fees, all duties and taxes ) will be displayed.
3. CHECKOUT  and have the product delivered to your home at a single fixed price

 Not convinced yet? Check out what they offer for us:
♠Prices are all-inclusive and Uskoop PH will take care of shipping, customs & taxes with insurance
♠Delivers to your doorstep anywhere in the PH via air 10-15 business days
♠No need to worry about credit card acceptance outside your home country
♠No need to pay US Sales Tax
♠No need to use a US shipping Address
♠Single checkout from different US online stores
♠Multiple Payment Options ( check out they're payment option here )
Uskoop PH takes care of everything.
♠You only have to tell what you want to buy and Uskoop PH will take care of everything from buying to shipping to your address to customer service and post-sale support

NO hassle NO inconvenience best of all it will be a seamless and smooth international shopping experience for us. Yay!

Are they open for any online shop worldwide?
As of now they only cater top global merchants in the US. You can check out the  sites they cater on their homepage. They however stated that they are planning to expand in the near future. So let's wait and see :) 

Are there any prohibited items?
Yes, they have listed it on their site to know more about it you can click here

Since I now have the opportunity to once again buy products overseas, here are the top five products I would love to buy using Uskoop :) 

♥Nike Zoom Kobe Icon♥
Christmas is around the corner! So what is  the best  gift for some one who is a basketball and shoes enthusiast? Shoes of course!  Nike Zoom Kobe Icon has this unique style. I tried checking if this mode is available within the country but I have not seen anyone selling these shoes. My partner would love to have this pair! This can be bought from nike website.

♠ Urva Usi ♠
I still haven't found a local shop that offers this. Urva ursi is  type of supplement that is good for people who have urinary tract infection. It has been recognized as a type of drug for urinary antiseptic. Since it is not available in the Philippines, I would love to order this using Uskoop, I believe this will help my partner tremendously since he suffers urinary tract infection every now and then. 

♦ Black and Decker Drill/ Driver ♦
Not a lot of vendors sell this type of driller within the country. Since we like to do some DIY ourselves, I want to have this cordless driller.  This will help me and my partner in our day to day fixing of our day to day problems in our little house. I for one would love to try using this for making DIY stuff!

Canon EOS rebel T6i DSLR
Every blogger would probably have  a dslr  camera  as one their must have :) I am no exception! 
DSLR camera is a must have if you are  into blogging or in some sort of the same field. I want this so I can capture the best photos for my blogging. This baby here is giving me the telepathic message of "I want  you to have me!!" har har har Kidding aside I am also planning to learn basic photography sooner or later so this is definitely something I would want to buy. 

♠ B-Air Pet dryer ♠ 
Every pet owner would love to have this type of dryer for their furbabies. Pet dryers tend to be really noisy so pets usually hate it.  B-air is a very versatile pet dryer as it is quite and have interchangeable nozzels. It would definitely be a good addition to my grooming  equipment for my dogs. 

Is it true that Uskoop is cheaper compare other local online shopping site?
 Yes! Aside from the what was mentioned above, Uskoop also offers products that are cheaper compare to local online shopping site. Check out below

Uskoop vs Local online shop

Lazada online price

Uskoop price

As seen above , the price of a Canon EOS DSLR in lazada is higher compare to Uskoop. Not only that if you will also notice,  For the price of  PHP 49,500 + you get to have additional items including lens memory card and more.. while lazada only offers the dslr and its box with the original items included. So who is cheaper?? I don't even have to answer that :) try to check it out your self!

So there you guys :) Isn't amazing to be able to shop internationally without worrying a thing? I for one was amazed to find out that we now have something like Uskoop. I am excited to do my online shopping here :)

And Since Uskoop is sooo good! It is offering a 10% discount on shipping and handling fee just use this promo code

If you want to know more about  Uskoop please visit their website and follow their  social media




Did you ever have any horrible online shopping experience like mine? You can share it on the comment box below :) 
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