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Since I am still high in caffeine (omg remind me not drink coffee again unless really really needed otherwise)even though I am dead tired I still somewhat feel the energy to write so I am going to start writing about my experience in blogapalooza 2016. Please be reminded I am only going to focus on my experience and opinion on the said event. If you're looking for further details you can check out mr. google or you can go to their website just click here

When and where was it held? 
It was held on November 5 2016 in Novotel in Ortigas near Araneta Colosseum

What was it about?
It was an event for bloggers & influencers and business & brands to come together and be connected through blogapalooza. The event is done yearly. This year the management held two blogaplooza event, one in the summer and one in November. Unfortunately I was not able to join last may so I made sure to join  on this one!!

How was the event?
I am going to be very honest about this since I love love love blogapalooza, this is one of the events I wouldn't want to miss if possible so I think an honest review is a must. 

The November blogapalooza was a big let down for me compare to the previous one I've gone too. Before you throw words and insults at me because of how an ungrateful wench I am for not appreciating what the management had worked hard for, hear out my reasons and perhaps you maybe able to understand where I am coming from.

The blazing sunshine and searing heat
This is my main complaint about this event and perhaps the big reason why I thought the event was a let down. The weather was really hot and humid and blogapalooza was held in an open area which I thought was a bit ridiculous for a hot and humid weather. We were very uncomfortable and got exhausted very easily. Booths and the people who managed them looked uncomfortable as well especially those who were directly confronting the sun causing some of their electronics like tv to heat more than usual..  It was also hard to walk around when the sun is burning you. I was sweating a lot and I have probably shed a few calories because of it

Booth confusion
Some of the booths were closely positioned together, so other booths were blocked or covered by others causing confusion that they were in the same company or brand. This happened to me two or three times. Some of their signage as well were not that visible. I think this was a let down since I felt awkward when I had to explain my self when I mistakenly thought they were on the same brand but were not.

Separate venue
I am not sure if this was a disadvantage some people might find it an advantage, it wasn't the case for me. I was not aware that the talk was being done in another room. All along I was thinking that the suppose talk would start in the middle part where you can see the garden because that was also designed and decorated well. It took me an hour or so to realize that there was a room I was supposed to go into to hear the talk, that was where I found some chairs we could seat on, and yes it was fully air conditioned ( thank heavens). I don't usually pay attention to my surroundings and I don't have the habit of asking questions since I thought everyone was busy doing their own thing.

Food,Freebies & Booth
I was hoping to get a taste of different food from the event but there was none. The ones I've tasted were mostly sweets and dessert. It was nice but I was hoping to get at least a decent meal. I only saw one that offers pasta and sandwiches I wasn't even sure if they were included in blogapalooza. Freebies were mostly consisted of supplements which was new to me I admit that I was expecting a bit more,  oh I also got  a KB premium whitening lotion which I thought was really nice this was the only one I could really say that I appreciate since I can do a review about it. There were also few booth than my expectation.

Some of the booths I've visited

krispy kreme
san mig corp
Victoria secret
fragrance factory

skin station
my marianas

Few good things about blogapalooza

Even though I was bit disappointed  there were also few good things worth mentioning :)

♥ Staff were very accommodating and were nice enough to give out bottle of water

♥ Some brands were creative enough to catch our interest by making us play games
Game @ +Chemworld Fragrance Factory 
gaeme at @kloperph

♥ Brand representatives were accommodating and did more interaction towards bloggers

♥ Talks were very interactive and fun

♥We were offered some cool beverages like slushie which made the heat bearable

What was the highlight of the event for you?
Since I arrived at about 1pm I wasn't sure what really went on in the morning I think the highlight of the event for was the Act of the 4th players. They showed an excellent act of improv and I was laughing the whole way through I would love to see them  again :)

What do you think can be improved on?
The event itself was a success regardless of what I think. Here are some of the things I thought they should improve on

♣ If they are going to separate  the booth and the place where talks will be held please make sure to put a signage. I am very clumsy when it comes to directions and I am also not that good at asking questions so signage would be good for a clumsy person like me :)

♣Consider the weather and how the people will react on it. Like mentioned above it was very hot during the event and I think it would have been better if they have placed it somewhere like 1 esplanade or change the the time like in the evening. The venue would be good for an evening event.

♣Hopefully more food to taste and more products so we can do more reviews on it.As a blogger you want to taste different food, review different products and experience new things.

♣More booth pleaaase :)

There you go! Those are things I thought should be voiced out for improvement of future blogapalooza which by the way I am looking forward to every year. Constructive criticism is also a form of compliment so improvement can be done. I truly believe that reviews like this will help the whole management in hosting a much more fun event in the future.

And before I forget because I live in the south I had to go home earlier than the others and because of that I wasn't able see the big reveal of letsbuzzin a platform that connects bloggers and businesses though I've heard good things about it! I would love to see how it goes..

As mentioned regardless of my opinion the event was a success and I am looking forward for a better and bigger blogapalooza 2017!

More pictures are available on my FB page! You can click here


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  1. Hey! I feel you! This blogapalooza was a bit boring compared to the last one I joined (2014). I came in late so I was holding my disappointment kasi baka naman namiss ko lang lahat ng pangyayari in the morning. Buti na lang pala late ako, kasi mainit! One of my friends told me they started late pa daw, mga 12 na :(

    Hope they improve! I prefer their 2014 setup, parang job fair/expo yung style and may stage yung gitna. Mas maayos yung booths and yeah, you won't get lost! Hehe :D