Event: CVT-X Fair @ Buku Buku kafe Imus

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Last November 13, 2016 I was invited  at Buku Buku Cafe in District Mall Imus for CVTX fair. Supported by The AI project,The event was a 2 in 1 event where in local artists from cavite showed their master piece and at The same time a one day seminar and works shops were offered.
♥The exhibit and Local artist♥
Upon arriving the first thing caught my attention was the picture that was photographed by a local artist named Cyrill Araga. His passion for photography started at the tender age of 11 He enhanced his skills in photography by self studying, reading books and watching videos. Since then he has continued to produce stunning photographs.

♥Digital art♥ 
Digital art made by several students were displayed during the art exhibit.

Activities during the event
Art table was provided so you can do your doodling during the event. Colors crayons and color pencils were available:)

Cong TV was also present during the fair. Cong T-Shirts were available for grab. Mr. Villanueva was also there as guest speaker. 

Workshops and seminars were conducted during the fair. Guess speakers were also invited to give talks on how to pursue your passion and creativity in the form of traditional and or modern art. 

Ms Mara Bautista was a guest speaker during the event, she currently works as the creative director of sunlife canada. She talked about how she started as a student who did lay outs and soon embraced her skill and use it as her leverage to step up and become successful in her field.

♥Live watercolor art demo♥
Live water color art demo was conducted by Ms.Diane Zaragoza who has shown here exceptional skill in showcasing her artistry.

Figure drawing
Figure drawing work shop was done by Jose Chavez.This workshop aimed to teach the proper and basic way in figure drawing. A very informative workshop for people who are very enthusiastic in an ancient form of art.

Live mural art
Live mural art was shown by Jo Ocampo and Eli. These two artists are from Cavity Collective who 's getting recognition on the mural arts they've been doing on different walls on the road and highways. It is a form of art that expresses freedom.

♥Live Vector Art Demo♥
A vector demo was done by Raven Columna who showed his outstanding skill in using adobe illustrator.

♥Water color workshop♥
Water color workshop  was done by ms. Cherry mosanto. This works shop taught students how to blend color and how to effectively use watercolor as medium.

♥Live demo Calligraphy♥
A live demo calligraphy was done by Paulo Tugano who has shared his calligraphy writing expertise. He had shown us the proper way of how to use the pen, the proper way to stroke each letter and how to effectively use the tools.

♥Buku Buku kafe♥
Since it was my first time coming here, I could not help and admire how great it the place is. The cafe has a very distinct designs. It offers a great place for anyone. I would love to make a review on their cafe and food one of these days :) 

It was a very meaningful and informative day.  The works shops and  demos were all very educational. I was also very happy to meet my co bloggers who were there with me. 
(L to R)Cheryle Ramos  Ziano Villarama, Jesma Salas,Natalie R. Tugade, Alexander Ancheta
(LtoR) Natalie Tugade,Cheryl Ramos, Jesma Salas,Joy  Priginal and Ms Jessica Santiago

Have you attended the CVT-X Fair? Share your experience by commenting below. :)
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