Event: Octoberpetstival 2016

Hey guys! Sorry it took so long for this to be posted I was actually waiting for the official pictures coming from the the management of the said event since I wasn't able to take lotsa pictures due to my memory card problem and I was out of charge halfway through ugggh! 

Anyway I've decided to post this while the experience is still fresh in my memory. I would like to once again apologize if I wasn't able to take loads of pictures since I was with my dog as well. Please be reminded that I am only going to talk about my experience and opinions about the event. If you're looking for more details and general information I suggest to check out their official FB page here

What was it about?
Octoberpetstival was an event mainly for human and your pet animals. Octoberpetstival aims to raise awareness on how to take care of your pet and at the same promotes rabies eradication. You can check out  more details of what was the event about on my previous post (click here) The main highlight of this event was the fun run marathon. There were 3 categories 1.5km, 3km, & 5km

When and where was it held?
It was held on October 22, 2016 at Imus Complex. The venue was supposed to be in Vermosa unfortunately the weather was not cooperating during that week so they've decided to changed it at the last minute so the event took place in Imus Sports Complex.
We've arrived at the venue at about 3PM, the first thing we saw was the registration booth and the big tarp showing the fun race map. I did not expect to have a fully air conditioned venue so I was really amazed how the sports complex has changed :) I remember it as typical covered court you would see in your subdivision.. I was even expecting to sweat a lot from the weather. Kudos to our mayor for providing a venue for our beloved animals and for making Imus sports complex as a suitable and comfortable place to hold an event

okaaaaay Back to the topic.. since we got our kit beforehand we were asked to go inside and get our loot bag. The place like mentioned was fully air conditioned so we did not have to worry about the heat. 

I saw many different booth inside upon arriving...most of them were packed with different people, you could see chairs in the middle and pets mostly dogs lying and or walking around with their furparents.

We sat in the left wing part of the complex to prepare ourselves. The program started by giving a talk on how to properly take care of your animal while running. They've also talked about the importance of of cleanliness and being responsible dog owner. Pet blessing was also conducted by a priest. 

during the pet blessing 
I was able to go around the booth and got some freebies from them. My partner even had a cute paw tattoo courtesy of st. roche

some of the booths we've visited

♥Fun Run♥
Since I am really not a sporty person I've decided to ask my long time partner to do running the for me :) I always make him do the activities associated with physical things or playing games since he is the competitive type =3  After the talks we were asked to go out so we can get ready for the run.

Since my dog and hubby were running I was sitting on the side waiting for them to start. It took a while for the marathon to start mainly because we were waiting for mayor maliksi to start the whole fun run.  

We had to wait the latest since we were at the 1.5km race, the longer ones had to go first and those who were on the 1.5km had to go last. Here was the picture of them running..my 2 handsome boys on action :D 
taken from Mayor Maliksi's FB page
I was thinking that I had to wait for a good 20 minutes before they finished however I miscalculated...not even 10 minutes passed by and my boys were back they've won the 1.5km! I am soooo proud of you guys!!!Too bad I didn't have picture of them running  to the finish line since I was getting some milk tea to supposedly kill the time while waiting. 
picture of them winning thee prize

♥Seminar & games ♥
After the marathon we were instructed to come back inside the complex and were given enough time to recover. After that more talks were conducted and mayor maliksi had the chance to talk as well. Some people were also invited to give a some advice and tips on how to become an effective pet owner. Sponsors were also given a chance to talk about their products and promote them. 

Games were also done in between by some major sponsors. Fashion show was also done and of course the awarding ceremony for the winners.
awarding of 1.5km winner
Photo booth was also available for those who were registered and given a stub. At the end of the event, Royal Canin one of the major sponsors, gave away a one year supply of dog food for those lucky winners who won on the confetti games. 

What do you like about the event?
  • I love the venue, since we had a dog with us, the heat is not good for them so I love how Imus complex was fully air conditioned and the fact that there were cleaners everywhere to clean and mop the floors
  • it wasn't over crowded so we never had  a hard time managing our dogs 
  • the booths were somewhat generous in giving freebies
  • The freebies were also very good, we were given eco bags and  treats for our pets
  • During the marathon water was provided for the runners and also for our pet
  • food like somai and milktea booth were also there and we were very near the night stand for food, we were able to go there after the event to get some snacks
  • the event was educational, there were things I've learned and few things I discovered because of the talks and seminar
  • The host was pretty much very entertaining and audiences were very  keen  on participating.
What do you not like about it?
  •  I came a little late but I never saw the supposed anti rabbies program that was on the list. 
  • The event was a little disorganized in my opinion since some of the programs I was waiting never occurred and there were delays especially on the fun run marathon.
  • There were supposed to be a warm up for the marathon but It also never happened.
  • We waited a for looooooong time before the fun run started because we had to wait for Mayor Maliksi to join.Don't get me wrong though I like our mayor but we could have probably spent our time into doing something other than waiting because it was really not a good thing to wait while having animals with you. My dog for one was very impatient and since some dogs were pooping on the street I had to carry him like a baby. He weighed 8kilos to 9kilos  and the next morning I had sore arms.
  • The host kept on repeating what she was saying over and over and over during the wait. It was reaaaalllly annoying for me I mean it was like a broken radio. She could have used the time into saying something waaaay better rather than repeating the same information over and over. It was bloody annoying. You see how annoyed I was? I kept on doubling my letters to emphasize how i felt lol
  • there was also a confusion between the given ribbon for the 5km human only and 5km human and pets.One of the reasons why the marathon was  delayed

some of our freebies :D

Aside from the ones I mentioned, I believe the event was a success one way or another so I would like to congratulate the sponsors and the organizers of Octoberpetstival. This type of event gathers animal enthusiast and dog lover like me. It was very overwhelming to see that there were many people who participated and were willing to spend their time with their pets. Aside from that it is also good to know that the local government is very keen and supportive in making this event successful.  It was truly a very good experience for me. I am looking forward for next year and I am surely hoping to have better one :)

And last but not the least  here are the pictures on what we've got during the event.  and what we bought from the 3k GC prize for winning the marathon :) 

what we've got from the 3k GC :)

what we've got from the 3k GC :)
Did you participate in the octoberpetstival? What did you think about it? You can also share your experience by commenting below :) 

You can can also check out my FB page for more picture you can click here
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  1. ako disppointed sobra sa mga irresponsible owners na hindi marunong dumampot ng poop ng aso nila. ang dami sobrang nag kalat. i saw someone na may blood pa ung dumi ng aso nya at tinakpan nya lang ng tissue. mabuti na lang hindi ko sinama dog ko, ng hiram na lang ako ng dog sa friend ko.

    1. yeah one of the reasons why I actually carried my dog kahit halos parang may dala akong isang sako ng bigas... One thing that made it messed up even more specially nun marathon was the fact that we waited for a long time..dun ako sobrang nainis lol aside from that i thought everything was great sepecially un venue :D di mainit

  2. oo nga eh hindi ko tuloy natapos ung event. nag yaya na umuwi papa ko after ng run.