Lazada:11/11 Online revolution experience

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How are you peeps! I have been busy with all the write ups I need to do but I was just sooo happy so I found the time to squish in this post about my experience on lazada's online revolution. 

Since I am pretty much a Sale hunter and loves discounted items, I got excited when lazada announced about their online revolution which offers huge discounts on their items posted. Not only that they were also doing a flash sale for different items. these items would cost you Below PHP 5 pesos.. yep! 

So when I found out that there would be a flash sale at 11:55pm November 11, 2016 I prepared my self for a war! and fair enough I was able to successfully purchased two New wifi Mini i-spy RC Tank Car RC Camera Cars Happy Cow 777-270 for only PHP 1.00 each and had to pay for the shipping fee since I live in the south. 
I was able to purchase 2 of them :)

How did you manage to do it?
I made sure to be on time on the dot to click on the flash sale and I thank my Internet Connection as it was somewhat fast that night. Voila I was able to purchased the Ispy mini cam.

Confirmation and Shipping
Just like everyone I was a bit skeptical since I wasn't sure if it was real or not. So I waited until the confirmation. 

The first confirmation I got was through text.

The second confirmation  was through email. I am so glad that Lazada makes confirmation using different methods.

After a couple of days I received an email stating that my item is for delivery :D

and yes after a couple of days I received them! and I only paid 101 pesos for them :)

How did you pay for it?
I paid it via cash delivery. I only paid it when It was delivered here.They offer different method of payment like the following:
♥Credit or debit card
♥ Cash on delivery
♥ BDO installment plan
♥Hello pay 

How was your experience with lazada?
It was excellent! It was hassle free and seamless. The fact that they were true to their words is an example of how should a company do their business.  When I successfully purchased it i didn't think it was real I mean how could it be real? the original price of the item is more than 1000 pesos.  But Alas it was real indeed :) So I was very happy!


Did you like their online revolution sale?
Yes I do! I mean it was very exciting, especially the flash sale It was like a game of who can clicked the fastest will win type of thing. As a consumer, sale hunter and customer this is a big challenge at the same time a motivator :) I love the flash sale idea :) It gives me this huuuuuuuuuge self satisfaction to get something for a price of almost nothing.

Would you recommend lazada to your friends?
Yep definitely watch out for their crazy sale on 12.12  I am also going to participate. 

Would you do repeat business?

Of course :) I am looking forward for their 12.12 and also their christmas sale

You can check out  ispy cam that is being sold on lazada  by clicking the name below

How was your experience in the 11.11 online revolution? You can comment your experience below 

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