OPPO F1s Selfie Filter

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True to its words Oppo F1s is known as the selfie expert among the recent smart phones out there. With its generous front camera, applications and filters available you don't need anything else. 

When taking a perfect selfie, filters are among the things you need to consider. You often find yourself checking which one to use for a certain mood or certain environments. Oppo offers different types of filters that are very useful no matter what mood or environment you'll be. So taking selfie has never been easy.

What Oppo F1S Filter would you probably use?
I love taking selfie with different filters. As much as possible I try to use all the ones that are available on my current phone so I could check which ones would suit me on that day. 
Oppo F1s filters
The one I always find myself using is the mono filter. So If I was given a chance to have an Oppo f1s I would probably use the mono filter. Since its black and white it tends to cover all the fine lines and wrinkles I have. It often gives me a very stunning results as well no matter where I take my selfies or pictures. 

hubby's selfie pic "stolen shot effect"

It gives this classical vintage effect that is not very tiring to look at, that's why I love taking photos using mono filter maybe it be a selfie of myself or just plane pictures of my dogs, family and friends.
Ultear's mono selfie pic

With Oppo F1s Taking selfies will be seamless. I have heard good feedback especially with its front camera and how it takes very clear and beautiful pictures. I would love to try to get a selfie using Oppo F1S with a mono filter so I could make a comparison. 

How about you? Which Oppo F1S would you use for your selfie? 

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