Review: Napakalasa Food House

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Today's post is about a review on this local resto that is located near my house. Since my boyfriend and I like to eat out in the middle of the night, we sometimes try to find good places to fill our stomach.If you live in Cavite specifically in Imus, you have probably passed by the Bayan Luma /Bucandala rd to go to Lancaster (via alapan) or  Dasmarinas (via Bucandala to Malagasang ).You may have seen the bridge that is famously known for locals as "tulay julian or tulay na may kanyon". Along this road, You will find  a small diner called Napakalasa. 

This diner is locally owned and offers variety of dishes. Please be reminded that I will only talk about my experience and opinion about the said place. If you're looking for more details you can check out their facebook here

Napakalasa (Filipino term for tasty or very tasty)  is  a small restaurant that offers affordable Filipino dishes such as tapsilog, kare-kare and other local filipino dishes . They also offer caterings and can accommodate customers in groups.

some of the dishes they offer

Location: Located in Bucandala 1 near the bridge or Tulay na may Kanyon
Opening hours: 12NN-2AM

♦How to get there♦ 
Jeepneys: Ride the local jeepney from Imus that goes to Dasmarinas bayan ( via bucandala -malagasang)and ask to be dropped off  on tulay julian or tulay na may kanyon.

Tricycles: You can ride tricycles from Imus/ patindig araw  and just ask to be dropped off in tulay julian or tulay na may kanyon in bucandala 

Car:  if you're coming from Imus just follow the road that goes to Dasmarinas via bayan luma road and the first bridge you'll see is the  tulay julian. 

Since I liver nearby, I sometimes go on foot when I feel like it, most of the time though I ride tricycles :D

♥Restaurant's Exterior and Interior♥
The place is not that fancy,since we usually go there at night, it isn't that noticeable without their signage. The inside however is the complete opposite.  The restaurant is fully air conditioned and offers tables and chairs for their customers.  It is a bit small  but looks really comfortable to dine in.

taken from their fob page
Upon entering you will notice the cute designs on their wall. I found this very cute and makes the ambiance better and more like homey for their customers.

The roof  or ceiling is a lot lower compare to the normal diners, I am not sure if its a good thing or a bad thing but I like it that way it gives me this sense of house / home feeling. 

taken from their fb page
I have been here  quite a few times, since its Halloween you can see that they have also made an effort to decorate the place.

♣Food & the taste♣
How's the price?
As mentioned above they offer different variety of  food for affordable prices. I was able to take a photo of the menu that was given to us.

As you can see the prices are very affordable especially if you are in a group since most of the dishes are good for 2-3 persons. Short orders are also very affordable

What did you order?
For this night, we ordered  Tapsilog and waited less than 10 minutes for ours to arrive

How's the taste?
Their Tapa is  tastier compare to dongalo's. It has a similar taste and texture with maty's tapa ( If you're a tapa lover you'll know the legend of maty's). I love how tender and savory it is. Although its delicious like mentioned the one that was served to us had more oil compare to the tapa I am used to. That is the only complaint I have on their tapa.

They are generous on the amount of tapa they serve so you won't be able to resist on ordering extra rice. It was accompanied by egg and a slice of cucumber. You can also request for a bowl of soup. We were also given a pitcher of cold water. 

I have tried eating some of their dishes like their Kaldereta,  but It was a very long time ago so I couldn't mind now what was the taste  of it. I wouldlove to try their other dishes though! I remember that they usually serve portions good for 2 -3 people so its very cost saving if you plan to eat in groups :)
taken from their fb page

taken from their fb page

taken from their fb page

What do you like about it?
♥They offer very affordable prices to eat with your family.
♥The food taste really great too! You will definitely ask for extra rice once you've tasted their dishes
♥The place is also very relaxing with it being fully air conditioned so you don't have to worry about eating there in the afternoon or flies roaming around
♥They also have free wifi! Yes I love that they offer it for free
♥ They are open untill 2AM
♥ Variety of dishes are readily available
♥ They also offer some home made dessert
♥Service is also great they are very pleasant

what do you not like about it?
♥Although its near our place they could perhaps have it located in much expose place
♥ some of the food are too oily for my liking so perhaps lessen the oil?

Would you recommend this to others? Yes! I would love try the rest of their menu :) so yeah I will definitely recommend  Napakalasa to anyone who is looking for tasty food yet affordable

Would you comeback? Yep! If you're looking for a good place to eat in the middle of night and you live in Imus Cavite, Try this local diner.

Rate: 4/5 

You can check out their FB page for more details
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