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Heya guys! I was lucky enough to be invited by ROC.PH and the owners of one of the most comfortable cafes I have been, Cuddle Cup Cafe! I really had great time visiting this cafe that's why I will be doing a review on it. I am only going to focus on my experience and opinions about it so if you need more details you can check out their FB page here 

What is it? 
Cuddle Cup Cafe. A cafe that offers wide range of drinks hot and cold. They also offer dishes and sandwiches.

Where is it located? 
It is located in Dasmarinas Cavite in front of  Lasalle Dasmarinas Gate 1

What are their opening hours
Mon-Fri 9am-9PM / Sat:1pm-9pm/ Sun:Reservation
They also do reservation for any meetings or gatherings. You just have to let them know in advance so they can accommodate you.

♥Feel the hugs with every cup♥
Cuddle cup cafe is not the typical cafe you would usually see. Aside from drinks, beverages and dishes they also offer a unique & enjoyable giving you the warmest hug you could get from different sizes of bears! Yes that's right! Teddy bears are everywhere, different sizes from small to extra extra large :)  

♥What makes Cuddle Cup Cafe special?♥

True to their names, Cuddle Cup Cafe offers you a place where you can relax and at the same time have a great experience while sipping a cuppa coffee. The place is designed in a way where you can feel relax the most. 

They offer different designed seats for different needs. Regardless if you're with your barkadas & classmates to do projects, with you're colleagues for business meetings or you just want to be alone and do you're own thing Cuddle Cup Cafe is ready to serve you.

One of the things that makes this cafe interesting is that they offer you things that would definitely make you stay for hours. Aside from the huggable bears they also offer you different board games you can play with your friends. 

Who doesn't like to make hugot? :D Hugot board is also available among customers who like to make or write their hugot lines. You can basically write anything your heart wants :D  Books and coloring books are available for you, If you're into doodling you will definitely love this. 
Last but not the least, the ambiance and the whole cafe itself is what makes Cuddle Cup Cafe special. It offers you a homey feelings that will make you feel relax. 

♥Hot & Cold Drinks♥
As mentioned they offer variety of drinks from hot to cold. They are very delicious and some of them are home made blend which means they can only be found in cuddle cup cafe. I was lucky enough to taste some of them. Check out their mouthwatering pictures! 
♥Hot Chocomint♥
♥Hazel nut latte♥
♥salted caramel latte♥
♥Cuddle Cup Cafe Nutty Chocolate♥
  ♥limited edition strawberry Shortcake♥
      ♥double chocolate matcha♥
 ♥Spiced chai latte♥
♥Oreo Cuddled Load♥
♥Oreo Matcha♥
♥Smores Drink♥
They also offer different dishes like pasta and sandwiches. I have tried some of their food and what I can tell you is that they are yummylicious! You can check out the pictures of some of the food they offer

♥Tuna Sandwich♥
♥Smores Dip♥
 ♥Limited Edition Steak in mushroom sauce♥
♥What is your CCC's favorite food and drink?♥
I love pasta! and their tuna mushroom pesto is to die for ♥♥♥  One of the best I've tasted, If you're a pasta lover like me I highly recommend their tuna mushroom pesto.. It has this distinct Unique taste that will make you come back for more. Their nachos is also mouthwatering! I love it!one of the best nachos I've tasted.The nachos is also something I would come back to eat over and over, I don't know how they make them or what secret ingredients they put lol but both of these are just so yummy you'll get addicted I promise!
 ♥Tuna Mushroom Pesto♥
I love their salted caramel latte and spiced chai latte. I like the salted caramel because the taste is neither sweet or bitter. I love how balanced it is. Spiced chai latte is also one of my fave since it makes me feel refresh and invigorates my senses when I drink it.

How about the price?

Prices are very affordable. They've mentioned that their prices are bit more compare to their competitors however I still feel that its very affordable considering the perks and the quality of service you get. They also serve one of the best tuna pesto and nachos.( did I repeat that again? :D)

Actual Menu and prices
The owners and the staff
These are the proud owners of cuddle cup cafe! Mr. & Mrs Go
Staff members

What do you like about Cuddle Cup Cafe

♥ I love how they made their cafe so comfortable and has this homey feelings
♥ They also offer variety of dishes. My love for their pesto is never ending 
♥The prices are very affordable ( at least to me)
♥Friendly staff and friendly owners too :)
♥ They offer activities like games and coloring books
♥ They are open 7 days a week! 

What do you not like about cuddle cup cafe?

♥ Since they are located in Dasma cavite, and it is located in front of a university.. It would be a bit hard for me to come by often since I live one city away. I wish they could have more branches :)
♥ In the future I hope they can  offer  milk teas ♥
♥ Expansion also is good so they can accommodate moooore customers 

Would you comeback?

Definitely! In fact I am planning to go there anytime within this month with my boyfriend :)

Would you recommend this cafe to your friends?
Yes! If you live anywhere near dasmarinas cavite I highly suggest to visit this cafe. If you're looking for a place to relax and offers great service excellent food and drink yet affordable I recommend Cuddle Cup Cafe

Rate: 9/10

Thank you ROC.PH and to ate Love  for accommodating us ♥♥♥

Bloggers and the owner @ cuddle cup cafe

check out Cuddle Cup Cafe's official FB page by clicking here


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