OPPO F1s: Holiday Getaway

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"I will come back" I remember uttering these words in my head while looking at the island  of  Puerto Galera  seated on  the boat that would bring us back to where we came from..

As a  woman who was raised from the city, Puerto Galera is a place where I found the tranquility and the inner peace I was looking for. This is where I spent my 3 unforgettable days and 2 of the happiest night of my life.

I remember the first time I saw the shining sand and how my reactions was when my feet sank into it. It was the first time experiencing something like this.

I remember how the ocean wind blew on my face and made me shiver and the salty smell of the sea, it was something new it was something refreshing for me.

I remember the crystal clear water.. so clear  that I was really amazed it felt surreal.

I remember how the sunset made me reminisce all the things I've done in my life and suddenly not caring about whatever problems I've had.

I literally felt connected to mother earth and thinking it must be nice to be here forever. If only I could...

So If you would ask me, Puerto Galera is one of my favourite holiday getaway destinations. I definitely would love to come back again and Do the things I've never done on my first visit... Explore places I have never explored and see things I have never seen during my previous stay and of course make  more precious memories with my love ones. 

And what better way to capture memories? Taking photos and videos of course. ♥♥♥ Pictures and videos are the best way to seize the precious moments and  to have something to look back to with all those adventures and escapades you've done. 

Getting clear shots and videos are very important for me so I can always have something that I could proudly say " I've been there" or "I've done that!" 

How does OPPO F1s be the best Holiday Getaway gadget? 
Oppo is the perfect device when you go on a holiday getaway..here are the reasons why: 

♥It has the best cameras in the market. Recognized the as the selfie expert, it offers 16mp front camera and 13mp rear camera. It also captures wonderful pictures even during the night time thanks 1/3.06 inch sensor that allows to maximize the sensitivity of light, which means no need to worry about bringing heavy cameras or dslr. Oppo F1s is enough to take all your selfies and all your photos with your love ones.

♥Different Filters are available! May it be a an OOTD for instagram or just a pure romantic mono picture with your precious one, OPPO F1s has them for you. 

♥ Battery life is also one of the best in the market boasting a 3,075mah this means more opportunity for you to capture priceless memories while on vacation without draining easily.

♥ With 3GB RAM opening application will be seamless allowing a smooth experience  when using the oppo F1s  specially during your vacation.

♥  A 32GB internal memory that is expandable up 128GB that means storing photos and videos are easier without having to delete anything.

OPPO F1s is a must have gadget for anyone who is planning to go on vacation.A small easy to carry gadget yet powerful and definitely capable of capturing the best photos and videos. A perfect partner for your priceless adventures ♥

Check out OPPO F1S full specification

How about you? What is your favourite holiday getaway destination?

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