Spending Christmas 2016

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Merry Christmas guys!! :) How was you Christmas this year? Hopefully You've had a great time. Christmas is one of the most important holidays in our country so we tend to celebrate it in the grandest way we can But in my case I celebrated it very simple. 

How did you spend your Christmas?
I spent it at home and basically did nothing ! ahahaha  well when you become an adult you do more chores  on holidays! I cooked and I did the dishes ahahahah I seriously think Christmas is for children. They get to appreciate it more than adults do sigh that is the reality  T___T  some friends visited my house so we had  a few drinks.  
On Christmas day I woke up at about 3pm and decided not to go out since I did not want to experience the Christmas rush ( yeah yeah I am such a dork) I watched movies and also had my daily dose of korean variety show. So that was it :) It was such as quiet Christmas for me :) 

Can you tell us what did you prepare for Noche buena?
Our noche buena was a  little bit different than the usual.. I wanted to prepare food that me and my partner crave  =D

Yeah I made okonomiyaki for our noche buena! I seriously think I am good at making it!! harharhar one of these days I'll also do a post about dish I make and their recipes. :D

♥Baked mac (no bake)
Since my oven is not working okay I've decided to make a baked mac (no bake). It was my first time making it so I thought I did good :D I'll also do a post about it next time ♥ My partner loves baked mac so I've decided to make one.

♥Potato salad & Fruit Salad
One of my favorites! I randomly went to youtube for the recipe since I don't know how to make one and Yeah I did better than I thought :) It was so good my partner wanted me to make one the day after Christmas. And of course fruit salad! one of my traditional dishes for Christmas and or new year. Too bad no pictures for them since i forgot to take some :p

Since there were only two of us at home I only prepared a few dishes :) 

What is the highlight of your Christmas?
I think the fact that I was able to  surprise my  partner :) it was the highlight of my Christmas =D Since he's been eyeing a new set of vape (the older one was broken) I've decided to surprise him. He didn't know that I already bought it a week before Christmas. ♥♥ his reaction was priceless! check out the video :D i apologize in advance its in the vernacular language =3

my gift for him :D 

Christmas this year was very quiet :) its not like i did not want to celebrate it with a bang , I prefer it to be quiet and stress free.. maybe because I am getting older shucks I know right???! 

Anyway I hope your Christmas was great :)  

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