'Tis the Season to be SEPHORA Glammin'

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Its the holiday season!Christmas outfitsGetting dolled up are two of the things that  most women are looking forward to♥ So for this post I will talk about my planned outfit and planned look that I would love to do for this holiday season.

Glamming up during the christmas has been a traditional thing to do especially for women. We actually love to have different outfit for different occasion. For this holiday season, I have checked out what I would wear. 

The casual look is a must regardless of occasions so for this season, for my casual look I love to be comfortable so I've chosen to go for the chuck taylor low cut shoes and partnered it with a simple red dress and a thin white cardigan. Simplicity is beauty so I love to be as simple as possible but at the same time have the Christmas feeling kind of clothes and this is why I chose the red dress. 

For the party outfit I have chosen another dress  however a much more fancier look. A green backless dress partnered with a nude pink shoes and bag.  This is my would be outfit for Christmas parties and or night evening Christmas gatherings. I chose this very simple yet classy and sophisticated look because I do not want to  look exaggerated. I prefer comfort than looking grander than anyone. A simple dress could also be sexy and alluring.

♥Christmas Make up by sephora.ph

Since I chose simple look yet sophisticated, My make up should also be the same :) So I have chosen to wear a very simple looking make up that can go with the two outfits.

And because I want to look simple yet elegant I need to use products that are suitable for my would be make up. I am not an expert when it comes to make up but I guess everyone has different way of doing it. I have found a way to get these products using sephora.ph! It has everything I need from the tools, primer to eyelashes and the perfect shade of lipstick ♥

♥Product lists♥
Here are the list of products I will be using to achieve my would be Christmas make up you can all find these products on sephora.ph You can click the name or the picture for the direct link

One of the things I like doing before anything else is washing my face and putting on my moisturizer and eye cream. Estelle and child Biodefense anti oxidant eye cream is the perfect eye cream to use. It is very useful to lessen your wrinkles and eye bags and helps fight the first sign of aging.. I also love it because its organic.

For primer, Using Benefit's The POREfessional primer is the way . I would love to use this as my primer because It minimizes the appearance of pores and gives a very smooth and not so heavy looking on the face. So if you have  big pores on face like me and love light looking make up this is the best primer to use. 

Benefit cosmetics erased paste concealer
To Conceal my unwanted eyebags ( i hate these bags ugggh) I would like to use benefit cosmetics erased paste concealer. This is a very good concealer to use specifically under your eyes since it can easily make your hateful eye bags disappear! It also comes on 3 different shades ( I will be using the light fair shade) and has a brightening undertone suitable for any types of skin.

Becca Ultimate Coverage Complexion Creme (sand)
Since I am aiming for a more natural looking make up I do not want it to look heavy so I'll be using Becca Ultimate Coverage Complexion Creme color sand. This foundation is a liquid foundation. I would love to use this because It is ideal for any skin type ( I have oily face). It also conceals uneven texture and gives out a not so heavy look which is very ideal for my would be Christmas make up

To get this type of eyebrows I'll be using the following products

This eyebrow thickener helps gives the natural looking eyebrows. It can draw thin or thick lines perfect for natural looking eyebrows I want to achieve. It is also paraben free and Dermatologically tested so verrry safe yey. Comes in 3 shades as well.

Along with the brow thickener Sephora Eye brow kit is also a good combination to use to make sure that it will look natural. It has all the tools you  need for blending and angle brush for finishing touch. It also has the eye brow powder you can also blend it with the eyebrow thickener to achieve those good looking  yet has the natural effect eyebrows.

To give volume to my eyes I will also be using the following:

This pallete is very ideal for the light make up I am aiming. It has all the pallete I needed to recreate the not so heavy make up. This eye shadows are very easy to blend and has the satin finish. You can also apply it wry or dry
A water proof eyeliner perfect combination for my would  be Christmas  make up. This gives the contrasting effect of my black eye liner. This will create the subtle effect.
An intense black suitable for my water line. This would create the intensity look I am looking for.  I am also going to combine it would Mirenesse Forbidden Eyeliner to create the eyes I wanted
To give the volume of lashes I am looking for, I would use the Ardell fashion lash black. It offers a very lightweight and comfortable lashes. It is very easy to use and can also be reused. 

For contouring and blush on, I would use the Sephora Collection Microsmooth Sculpting Sassy. This will give me the light make up I am aiming for. It has 3 shades that I can use to blend for contouring and the pink shade I need for my cheek. I like this since it has the ultra light micronized pigment, which gives the no make up feel I want. 

To finish my would be Christmas make up, I would love to use modelco party proof lipstick. It is non drying and has the rich color I need. It also glides very easy and effortlessly.  It also doesn't cake or flake. The shade is also perfect for the look I am aiming for.

These products I mentioned  can all be found in sephora.ph, an online beauty products carrier that is famously known worldwide. With 1900 stores operating in 29 countries and counting, They sure to dominate as the leading beauty retail. 

Why choose sephora.ph? 

Here's why!

No hassle and smooth shopping experience awaits every customer of sephora.phimport taxes and duties? No need to deal with it! everything will be handled by them :)
sephora.ph offers rewards program for every purchase you make. Points can also be use to redeem rewards that are mostly  beauty products samples.
This is true! If you purchase with minimum orders worth PHP 1300 no need to pay for shipping fee ♥

sephora.ph promises a hassle free online shopping experience and the highest quality of customer service. You may contact them via phone or email and be assured that all your queries will be answered and all problems complaint will be dealt with in no time.

Buying can also be exciting when you get to have complimentary samples. With every purchase you make you get to have a complimentary sample along with it. 
sephora.ph offers different ways to pay so you're shopping experience will be hassle free. Payment can be done through:
    ♣credit card/debit card
    ♣dragon pay 

 Get yourself glammed up and  be ready for this holiday season ♥ Shop more make-up products on Sephora PH here!
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