Celebrating new year 2017: Food for media noche

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New year has come! New year means new beginning :) So before I continue on my resolution and all, I would like to share with you how I celebrated new year and what food I prepared ♥ 

I wanted to do prepare something different for the new year celebration so I have decided to prepare a sangyeopsal parteeeey! :)  I am a fan of korean food so I thought why not incorporate it with the ongoing holidays right?

Here are the food that I have prepared for my sangyeopsal party, I think that Without them my sangyeopsal party would never be the same :D


It wont be the same without kimchi! :) Kimchi is life! har har har on a serious note  since I wasn't able to make one so I bought one! a home made one :) I was lucky enough to find a korean store that sells authentic home made kimchi. I prefer the home made one than the ones you buy from the supermarket. The taste is way different.

Perilla leave
I've so wanted to taste this, so when I found out that the korean store where I bought all the  ingredients I need for my mini sangyeopsal party I made sure to include it. The taste is between basil and mint. If you've never tasted basil or mint you would probably not like this. It was pretty new to me when I first tasted it but as I eat more of it, it became a natural part of  my sangyeopsal wrap 

Sangyeopsal would not be the same without  these delicious green leaves. Its crispy and its healthy! 

ssamjang is a sauce that you typically put in your sangyeopsal wrapped. I cannot really explain how it taste but it is some where between spicy, salty and sweet. One of the important ingredients you should definitely have for your sangyeopsal party 

Garlic , onion & mushroom
These are optionals. My partner doesnt like  garlic and loves to put onion instead while I am opposite. It really depends on your taste bud.  I also love fried mushroom so I've had some left overs from my japchae so I've decided to  include them.

Pork belly 
And of course without this sangyeopsal party is incomplete! I usually go for the bacon cut so I bought this from Robina from Robinsons Imus. 

Other food that I prepared for the  new year's eve:

It has been a tradition to prepare something long like pasta to signify longevity so instead of a normal "pancit" or spaghetti that I am used to.. I've decided to make a Japchae, a stir fried noodles made from sweet potato, vegetables and meat. First time I made this so I wasnt sure if it would turn out the way it should be but I've tried my best to make it as authentic as possible.  I think it was sucess based on the reactions I've gotten teehee ♥

Leche flan and Ube 
My partner made sure to buy us desserts, he bought leche flan and ube. some of neighbours shared theirs too so we were lucky enough to have graham cake and and jelly in a tub. ( thank you neighbours!)

I know I've been talking about food but It was such a waste not sharing with you guys what I've had for my media noche. I am also hoping that this year would be a good one for me, that is why I've decided to fulfill my new years resolution! :D I would probably talk about it on my next post :)  stay tune! 

Thank you for reading guys and I will definitely share with you what my resolutions are in my future posts. 

P.S If you guys are wondering where I got my delicious kimchi, I bought mine from the korean shop near SM Dasmarinas. I'll probably do a review on the said shop since I found so many good products from there.

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