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Living in the city has never been easy. Some say a city is like a jungle, survival of fittest is what the game is all about. You need to be knowledgeable of what are the essential things you need in order to survive the ordeals you will be facing everyday.  A place that never sleeps, that is how I describe and see Metro Manila. 

In order for you to survive in a place where every one seems to be lively day and night, you need to be equipped well. When I say equipped I did not mean to be weapons that could kill.  A woman's weapon is her beauty and fashion sense. City dwellers are known to have the latest trend out there. We know  what's in and what's out. 
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So how do I brave the urban life? By making sure that I am well equipped with the products that will never go out of fashion no matter what the season is :) Products that are very convenient and yet trendsetter. Products that are useful and convenient and easy to use but at the same time can go in any outfit.

A  perfect example of this is a bag. Bags  are women's best friend next to shoes of course. So a bag will always be an Item that will never get out of   the trend. Most women love to have bags that could go in any outfits. I have found a perfect bag that suits my daily life and could help me conquer the urban life ♥ 

Anello bag is a trend nowadays, aside from its fashion sense I also love the fact that you can basically put anything in it. From books to tablets, it can hold pretty much many things inside. My perfect partner for any events and occasions!

To conquer the daily challenges of urban life I have also found some classic products (some of them I use) that will never go out of fashion no matter what the trend is, We have always been the trend setter and most of all we always find a way to incorporate our fashion sense along with other important factors  such as comfort and security.

City dwellers who often endure the life in the city, are in constant battle of everyday struggles such as traffic, comfort is one of the things we always look for in any product we buy. Below are some of the the products I think will give us the  fashion and comfort that we need so we can face the day without being uncomfortable:

Anello wide open ruck sack
This bag is a perfect example of fashion and comfort. A very popular bag that every fashionista will definitely love. It offers a big space that could fit anything you need from make up to documents or book you need for work or school. You can choose from different colors as well. 
It is very comfortable and fashionable at the same time. It has wide pockets too that enable us to put anything we want. I my self use this like mentioned above since it is very convenient for everyday use. The struggle to go from bus to subway is not an easy task so therefore I need a bag that is very accessible and at the same time easy to carry. 

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Pochi P + G design coin purse
A very classic coin purse that will never go out of fashion. This is a must for those women who are always on the go. A simple straight forward purse that has a wide mouth. I also use this since I am such clumsy person. I love how wide it is, no hassle in taking out coins. A must have for those who use public transportation like me. 

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Loqi tote bag
Tote bag is a type of bag that will always be there no matter what's in or out. It is a classic type of bag that women love to have. Loqi tote bag has different colors you can choose from, you can match it on different outfits as well. 

I personally love this type of bag since it can be partnered with nearly any outfit (depending on the colors) I  love using this since my school years because it was very easy to use yet fashionable, I could put nearly anything from my P.E shoes to heavy books. It is very accessible, easy to use and you can basically put anything you want. This can also be use as an extra bag since it is very light, if not in use you can just fold it and put it inside a bag.

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Women love fashion, living in the city has made us become somewhat aware on the things that can go wrong even on the streets. Here are some items that are very useful at the same time will definitely not fail you in terms of fashion.

Kiu Rain bag Cover
Kiu rain bag cover protects our bag from the rain. University students and employees have somewhat become rain proof, storm proof and best of all flood proof! So this bag cover is a must for urbanistas who commute to work or school. This will definitely make your travel worry free from the rain since it protects all your belongings with a style♥ you can choose from different colors and styles that are available check out the picture below
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Pacsafe  Anti theft lx250 tote bag
If you're looking for a bag that is safe and secured  and at the same time  will not go out of the trend, try Pacsafe' LX250 tote bag. A very durable yet fashionable bag that offers anti theft features such as smart zipper security and exomesh slash guard. This tote bag is a must have specially for urbanistas like me who  are always on the go. A classic style that never goes out of trend. This tote bag is available in 5 different colors(chili,denim, grey camo,black & tweed gray) you can choose one that best suit you! 
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Pacsafe RFIDsafe W150 Women's RFID Blocking Organiser
A very useful type of wallet for travelling. This travel organiser is a must have if you're looking to travel anywhere or you're the type of person who is out and about and want your important documents, money and cards safe. This is RFID safe which means that credit cards and the likes are safe from any transmission that could easily take your data.  A very classic style and it is being offered  in different colors. I definitely recommend this type of wallet especially for those who love to travel. The style is very classic and doesn't easily get out of trend. The colors are adorable too!
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Women love to always be fashionable one way or another... These products prove that we can always be in fashion and at the same time we can ensure that comfort and security are provided, after all living in the city means we need to be fashionable yet as comfortable as possible to be able to endure the hardworking days and at the same time  be safe and secured. 

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The key to endure the urban lifestyle without sacrificing your fashion style is to find the right products that will suit your need. Luckily urbanize ph offers merchandise that are functional and stylish.

Urbanize PH, offers products that are in fashion and style at the same time functional and very useful for the city dwellers who brave the day to day life in the city. Anello, Pacsafe and Elecom are some of the brand names they offer. The products I mentioned above can also be bought from their stores. 

Are you a weekend warrior? how about Bus gymnast? If you're a certified urbanista and looking for the products that are fashionable yet functional this is definitely the store for you! You will find something  that is useful for you in the long run! Check out their branches near you 

You can also check out their website: https://www.urbanize.com.ph/

Urbanize Alabang Town Center - (02) 807-1772
Urbanize Uptown Mall BGC - (02) 802-9988
Urbanize U.P. Town Center - (02) 720 - 9791
Urbanize Gateway - (02) 911-0721
Urbanize Shangri-La - (02) 470-3559
Urbanize Glorietta 3
Urbanize Ayala Malls Serin Tagaytay - (046) 544-0306
Urbanize Solenad 3, Nuvali - (049) 258-0827
Urbanize The District Imus - (046) 543-5530

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