OFF! Lotion: My Skin's Best friend

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Ever since I was a kid, I have always attracted mosquitoes wherever I am (in or out of the country). I always ended up getting bitten even though my friends were all fine. I was laughed at because I was like a walking mosquito attractor. I could literally make them come out and I  get definitely bitten while my friends were okay. ( it sucks yeah)

I am not sure if Its because of my blood ( I am type B+ by the way) or because of my diet but its definitely not something I am really fond of. Its like I am their most favorite person, the first one they'll notice among the huge crowd would probably be me! 

The worst part of it is the mark that it leaves on my skin. Once I get bitten by insect or mosquitoes I always end up getting red lumps that turn into black patches and won't disappear for weeks and weeks. Its very embarrassing and looks really awful. I mean who would want black patches?! I may not be as vain as the other women but black patches are just waaaay too much. Sometimes it goes bigger than the usual lump before it fades.

right leg with dark patches
Why choose off lotion? 
In all honesty I have tried other brands but I always  go back to using OFF lotion. I have tried several brands some work some don't. Some smell awful, others are just way to sticky for my liking.  OFF Lotion is different :) Aside from the fact that it has different variants based on your needs, it also offers many benefits that other competitors don't have. Check out the below the detailed reasons why I chose Off Lotion over other competitors.
putting OFF! lotion before going to the weekend party

♣ Non- Sticky 
One of the things I like about OFF lotion is that it  is definitely non sticky. I have tried other brands and believe me, even though they advertised it as "non sticky" they are just icky on your skin! But with OFF lotion, its different. Its non dry, it doesn't stick like glue and greasy like oil on my skin and doesn't make me feel uncomfortable unlike other brands.

♣ Scented

OFF lotion offers different variants. I love their Soft & Scented Variant, it literally smells like a normal day to day lotion I would use. It smells really nice and doesn't have the typical "repellent" lotion smell. It also has a soothing chamomile oil which is good for my skin♥ that's another plus for me since I like chamomile ♥ . 
Before going out make sure  I  have  put on OFF!

♣ dermatologically tested

Knowing that OFF lotion is dermatologically tested gives me the sense of relief that it is very safe for my skin. I have tried other brands which gave me skin rashes and believe me its not something you would like to have on your skin on top of those red lumps that turns into black patches before it fades, that is why I am careful in choosing brands that are dermatologically tested.

forgot to put on off lotion at home so I had to do it on the bus♥
♣ Longer protection hours
Compare to other brands OFF lotion offers longer protection. Different variants offer different hours of protection. OFF! Overtime will give you up to 8 hours protection while OFF! Clean feel will give you up to four hours. What I like about OFF lotion is that they protect you longer than others. The OFF! soft and scented stated that it protects you up to four hours however in my case it is bit longer, Mine usually lasts for 5 to 6 hours maximum.

picture taken from
OFF lotion is my skin's best friend! :) It gives me the protection I need wherever I go. May it be at home, doing my hobbies or activities or going somewhere out I always make sure to have it. It helps me tremendously in my everyday life by providing the protection I need from mosquitoes. I always ended up getting bitten, literally always and I am not exaggerating when I say always so OFF lotion is a necessity for me.  It is something I must have everywhere I go.

With OFF lotion I do not have to worry a thing about illness that mosquitoes bring such as Dengue, chikungunya and the likes, and the best part is that I do not have to worry about getting bitten and getting the black patches that don't fade away for weeks and weeks! 

Going to my friends house :D OFF lotion is my "baon"
Did you know?
  • The active ingredient in OFF lotion that makes it effective on repelling mosquito is called DEET (N,N-Diethyl-meta-toluamide)
  • The higher percentage of DEET determines the longer hours it can protect you the more it is the longer hours it is effective.
  • study shows that DEET is safe for pregnant women and gives longer effect than eucalyptus oil and citronella oil.

OFF lotion has different variants that you can use for different needs. Check them out!

            OFF!Soft & Scented

This variant is my favorite since It has the best smell. It is non sticky and can protect you up to four hours. This is my recommended variant. It is very easy to carry as well and can fit your bag. Suitable people like me who doesn't travel a lot but still need to be protected.

              OFF! for Kids
OFF kids is design to suit your children's skin. It can protect them for up to  3 hours. A perfect way to secure that they would not catch dengue or other viruses that can be found from mosquitoes such as dengue and zika virus. Formulated for specifically for kids. Having OFF! Lotion gives you the security and safety that your kids will be safe in and out of your house.

OFF! Over time 
 If you're looking for a maximum protection try OFF! Over time. It protects you up to 8 hours. I recommend using this when you go to a place where mosquitoes are prevalent. I use this if I will go to places like beaches or  camping site since I attract mosquitoes easily. It protects me up to 8 hours so I don't need to worry a thing!

               OFF! Clean feel
A very refreshing non sticky and non fragrance variant of OFF! Lotion. This is recommended for those who are sensitive  and prefers a lighter feel like almost as if you did not put anything on. One of my favorites as well♥. I recommend this to those who are looking for protection but doesn't want the feeling of actually having lotion on your skin. It is very light as if you do not have anything on! I recommend this for hot summer season.
Where can you buy them? 
You can buy them in any leading grocery stores and drug stores. It is very easy to find since most stores offer OFF it is the number one recognized repellent lotion in our country.

How much are they?
Different variants have different prices, I bought mine at  less than PHP 100. check out your nearest store

There you go folks! :) here are the summary of why OFF! Lotion is my skin's best buddy!
Having OFF  lotion means:
  1. I don't need to worry about getting bitten by mosquitoes
  2. I don't need to worry about getting Mosquito borne deseases
  3. I don't have to worry about the lumps and black patches
  4. I can do all the activities I love without any interruption
  5. I can enjoy outdoor activities more than ever!

Thank you for reading please look forward for my next post! ♥♥
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