OPPO F1s: Capturing Philippines

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The Philippines is an archipelago that boasts 7,107 islands. It is known to have some of the best beaches in the world. Many water sports enthusiast and divers visit our country to experience the expectacular beauty of our mother land. With all the clear and blue water surrounding the country and as a Filipino I am very proud to have born and raised here. However just like others I am quite unfortunate to not have the time to explore our native land. But that doesn't mean I have never thought of doing it! In fact I have started thinking of the places I would love to visit.

Maldives of the Philippines
The no. 1 favorite destination I am keen on visiting is the place that is labeled as the "Maldives of the Philippines", Manjuyod Sandbar (also known as sumapao shoal) that is located in Negros oriental Dumaguete. It is a 7 km long strip of sandbar in the center of  North Bais Bay. 

This place is such a paradise, and I think that visiting this at least once in your life is a must. I love how the water is glittering as it shines under the sun. A crystal clear water..so clear that it looks pristine. Just looking at the pictures makes me fall in love with the place. 

taken from manjuyod tourism office
What makes it more interesting for me is that It offers the finest white sand that can only be seen during low tide and during high tide cottages that are built in the center can be seen as floating. It feels very magical and surreal to me that this kind of island exist. Mother nature made it this way and I am hoping that it would never change. 

Manjuyod sandbar is surrounded by nothing but water and this makes the place so romantic and out of this world. I believe this is a perfect place to be if you're looking for an unforgettable experience away from the city life.

Having said that, we need to make sure that we are well prepared when we go on vacation especially to a place like Manjuyod Sandbar. We do not go on vacation often times  so why not make the most out of it? Have fun, do crazy things and make lots and lots of memories ♥In doing so we need to prepare important things especially our cameras so we can take photos and capture all those unforgettable moments we will have.
A perfect way to capture escapades & adventures  
Having the opportunity to capture the precious memories and adventures with your families and love ones have become easier thanks to our latest technology. We do not need to have expensive cameras like dslr to take pictures beautifully nor use a video camera to take videos. With just one powerful gadget you can have them all. 
Oppo F1s is the perfect phone for anyone. Not only because it is a powerful gadget,  It has also been labeled as the selfie expert and offers a lot of features that can par with other strong competitors in the market. Features that are very useful for me so I could capture the moments and adventures I will have. 

Below are the two features of Oppo F1s I find very useful and the reasons why I think it could definitely help me step-up my planned adventure in Manjuyod sandbar

Selfie panorama 
taken from the oppo website
The best way to take pictures is in panoramic view especially if you are planning to go to a place like Manjuyod sandbar.  Having  the selfie panorama feature will allow me to have the opportunity to take selfie with a panoramic view.

I have not heard of the selfie panorama from other competitors in the market so It is surely something new for me. This feature will definitely help me step up my Manjuyod sandbar adventure. I can take selfies plus panorama photos in one. Capturing precious memories without having to choose between selfie and panorama  view is very convenient. A feature that surely makes Oppo F1s  "the selfie expert"

 13mp rear camera with wonderful night shot
taken from the oppo website
Places that are untouched  and remains intact do not have the technology of the modern cities, therefore most of them have limited power supplies. This for me is better than damaging the natural inhabitant of the place. Oppo F1s rear camera offers a sensor that allows the camera to maximize the light sensitivity which means wonderful pictures can be taken even during at night. Limited power supply means limited usage of lights and other amenities so having this feature could help me capture moments and memories at night. I can probably capture pictures of stars while staying in Manjuyod sandbar with the use of Oppo F1s night shot. 

Other features that are worth mentioning

16mp front camera
The best front camera for selfie in the market. It Takes very clear and vivid selfies. Oppo F1s definitely live up to its name: The selfie expert. If you love to take selfie then this feature will be very useful for you.

3GB RAM & Battery life

taken from the oppo website
Oppo F1s offers 3GB Ram and a massive 3075 mah battery. 3GB RAM will let you operate the device smoothly and seamless while having a 3075 Mah battery will allow you to have longer time in using it. This means that you do not need to worry about lagging or charging your phone a few times in a day!


Another useful feature for those who love taking selfie is the filters. It offers different kind of filters that will definitely live up to your expectation. Check out the available filters above.

The most important part of an adventure is having photos and videos you can always go back to. This for me is special since we can only go to certain places once or twice that is why  memories we can keep are so important. 

Having Oppo F1s will give us the leverage of seizing those precious moments.  

Check out the Oppo F1s Specification

To know more about  Oppo F1s you can check out their website http://www.oppo.com/ph

Photos are taken from google images. Though I have tried to credit the owners of it as much as i can*

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