Review: Twinings Herbal Tea

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If you know me in person then you are definitely aware that I love tea over coffee (although I do drink coffee from time to time) that is why I love milk tea!! But before the whole milk tea became so ever popular I have been a tea drinker ever since.. this is one of  my vices I suppose since  I love to drink it after a meal.  
I was lucky enough that my sister was such a doll and sent me tea from the UK ♥ She has sent not just any tea but twinings tea! yey for me♥ I have got both the breakfast tea and the one I will do a review for today.. Twinings herbal tea C: Please be reminded that I am only going to talk about my experience and what I think of it.. If you're looking to get information about the brand you can check out mr. google :) I will also post their official website and FB page at the end of my post 

What is it? A selection of herbal tea by non other than Twinings. 
How much is it? Not so sure since My sister bought for me :) tehee
Where can you buy it? Mine was bought in the UK but Twinings PH is also available in the country so this variant might be available here as well.

♥the box & packaging♥
The one that was sent to me was a box with 25 tea bags with different flavors.The box has this vibrant color. Information are very clearly written on the box. You can see the description and what are the included variants. I thought it was a good way to inform their consumer on what to expect once they've bought it.

Once you opened the box The teas are divided into 5 different flavors as seen on the picture below.

I love how they separate the different flavors using colors. They look so cute! The teas are packed in 5 tea bags per plastic.. each tea has been securely packed in each little packets...and its color coded ♥ (I dunno about others but I love that they did have separate packets)

The flavor and the taste
Twinings Herbal tea has 5 different flavors, below are the description and pictures of each variant. Since I have tasted all of them I will also mention what I think of each of the flavors.

                                        ♥Lemon and Ginger♥
                                      Revive and Revitalize

This tea is a combination of lemon and ginger flavor. It has the ginger's spicyness and lemon's citrus taste and when combine together gives you a unique taste and a very aromatic smell. I usually drink this when I am not feeling well especially when I feel that I might be having the flu (my first sign is always an itchy throat)  and this helps me a lot when I have a clogged nose. 

The taste is pretty much what the it says on the packet ginger and lemon. Out of the five this is probably my least favorite since I only to drink this when I feel like I am going down with a flu or I will be unwell. 

♥Camomile, honey and vanilla♥
     A moment of calm

This tea is a combination of camomile ,honey and vanilla. Camomile fragrance dominates this variant. Once you open the packet you can smell the camomile scent right away. The first time I smelled this, I didn't like it because it reminded me of the camomile car freshener fragrance we've had lol..Well this variant is my second least favorite. 

For those who's into flower herbal tea I definitely recommend this the taste was pretty much good and you can definitely feel the camomile that was infused with the tea.

Echinacea and Raspberry
Fresh & Fruity
Twining Echinacea and Raspberry Flavor is one of my favorites :) It has the sour taste that I really like and has the berry fruity scent which makes my tea experience fun. 

The taste is a bit different compare to the previous two since you can definitely taste the sourness of the raspberry which blend together with the tea perfectly. I love how it taste so fruity and very refreshing indeed. The taste is fruitier compare to other flavors.

♥Nettle & Peppermint♥

My second favorite! This tea is combination of mint and nettle ♥ There's really nothing major words to describe it since it has a very straightforward taste. It gives you the subtle minty taste while drinking. I love how its very light and does not taste too much of the two flavors. It gives off a very subtle taste. I like this since it has peppermint in it.. I love tea that are minty flavor and scent. 

And for my most favorite of all, Twinings Pure Peppermint Flavor! I love love mint flavored tea. My sister doesn't like it but I do, I love how it combines perfectly with the tea and how it gives off this minty scent which makes me want to drink it more and more. I also love how they have a pure peppermint variant which has more minty scent and minty flavor compare to the nettle and peppermint variant. Since I like it I am being biased :D but definitely the best tea so far!!

What do you like about it?
♥ It has different variants which makes your tea experience fun and better 
♥ It has 2 minty variants which are both my favorite♥
♥ The taste is superb no need for sugar nor milk 
♥ The tea quality is superb and definitely of highest quality

What do you not like about it?
Nothing in particular, the looks ,the taste even the smell are one of the best in my opinion :) I just wish that they have a bigger box since my sister told me 

Would you buy it again? 
Yes definitely! If its being offered here I would definitely buy it. I also would love to try the pure green tea variant they currently offer♥

Would you recommend it?
If you're a tea lover this is definitely a must try :) 


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