Celebrating Valentines Day 2017

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Happy valentines y'all! :D  I thought I should dedicate at least one post on my blog about valentines :) I would love to look back on this and check out what I have written :) hohoho  What's my agenda? Well nothing really special for this day since the V'Day  falls on a weekday too bad so sad for me :) ahahah anyhow me and my partner have decided to stay quiet and spend this day like any other day ♥ Don't get me wrong I love special days like this but I think we still have priorities we need to focus on.. BUT I am not saying we're not gonna celebrate it! We're planning to go on a date this weekend yay! I wanted to watch John Wick 2 so we might ( cross fingers)  =D I am also planning to go on a spa to get a relaxing massage since we have been busy this week I mean seriously busy! That's prolly the reason why I wasnt able to update my blog  as much as I used to and go to events as much as I would want to. 

I would also love to visit a new local diners and probably make a review on it. I've got loads on my  draft that I was working on hopefully I'll be able to finish them ahahah  so that's how  I will spend my V'Day after all according to one of my friends;

"When you're at the point in a relationship where you feel you've given all and it seems that you've shown everything that your partner needs to see, the best give to gift on Valentines would be simply to show that you care and that you'll assure your love one that you'll be with her till the end"

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