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There is always what we call a rule of thumb when you travel, and that is having your own travel essentials. These are the things that you need whilst travelling. For today's post I will talk about my top 8 travel essentials

1. Cash and credit cards
One of the most important things when you travel is bringing your cash and credit cards. Having extra cash aside from your budget money is also important in case of emergency. Credit cards are also useful if you don't want to bring money with you.

2. Clothes
Bringing clothes are a must to anyone who are planning to travel. Clothes will depend on your destination for example if you're going to go to the beach, bringing summer clothes and swimsuit are very much recommended. If you're going on a Baguio trip it's recommended to bring sweatshirt, jacket and scarf. One of the things that I've learnt is to always be prepared on any occasion so I often bring 3 types of clothes such as casual clothes, business/formal clothes and dress attire. Remember it's always better to be prepared.

3. Lotion and moisturizer 
Another travel essential that I always bring whenever I go traveling are lotions and moisturizer. Since I easily attract different types of insects I always bring repellent lotion everywhere I go. I also bring sunscreen lotion with me so that I'm always protected from the sun especially when it's summer. I bring moisturizer for my face to make my skin smooth and non-dry

4.Sneakers and Slippers
Bringing slippers are also important especially if you will be on vacation for a few days. I like bringing my own slippers because I feel comfortable using them than shoes. I also bring extra sneakers with me just in case I need to walk for a longer period of time. 

5. Make up kit
Every woman has this as one of  her travel essentials. I always bring the following: lipstick, blush on, eyebrow gel and eyeliner. I can leave everything except for this. :) 

6. Books
One of the things  I like to do is reading books. Bringing a couple of books with me is also one of my travel essentials to make sure that I won't get bored if in case traveling time will be longer.

7. Powerbank and chargers
Powerbank is an important travel essential especially when you will be gone for a few days. This is to make sure that you won't have any problem getting your gadget's battery drained. Chargers are also important so you can charge your gadget.

8. Camera and phone
Camera and phone are the two most important travel essentials to bring with you when you plan to go somewhere for a few days. Bringing a camera is very important for me so I can capture all those precious moments and beautiful scenery. Phone is an essential gadget so I can communicate with my family while I am away  so that  they won't get worried.

Having these two travel essentials in one gadget is better! OPPO F1s have both the camera and phone I need that is why OPPO F1s is one of my travel essentials. OPPO F1s offers the smart phone I need so that I can communicate with my friends and family while travelling.Since it has all the latest applications you can ever ask for a smart phone I do not need to worry about staying in contact with my love ones. 

It has the camera I need to capture the moments and the places I'll go on my travel. With the 16mp front camera  selfies and panoramic selfies will be easier. A 13mp mega pixel rear camera will allow me to capture the places and scenes that I would only see during my vacation. I don't need to worry about taking pictures during night time thanks to its state of the art sensors that allows OPPO F1s to take wonderful night shots.  As I've always said you can never go wrong with OPPO F1s :) 

How about you? Can you tell me what is your travel essentials? You can comment below :)

You can check out more about oppo F1s and its complete features on their official site and social media:

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