Book Review: Break Free by Don Soriano

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Hey guys! How's your week coming along :) Mine's fine and  I am actually a little busy doing some write up. I have a couple of articles which have been sitting in my draft. Uggh! Anyhow today I am going to write about the book I have just finished reading.This book is called Break Free and it is such an awesome book I tell you! I've learnt tons of things.

I never really liked reading books that has something to do with the following topics: Biography, Finance and Economic. They just bore me to death. No offense to those who like these genres but my mind just cannot comprehend at all no matter how much I want to try and get them inside my head. However This book has somewhat made me start changing my opinions about them.  

What is the book all about?
Break Free is a book about how to get you from becoming financial free in 3 years. It features 8 principles that  the author Don Soriano has used to free himself.  It tackles different strategies on how to get yourself prepared and what are the things you need to focus on. There are advice and guidelines you can use so you can start on the right path. I don't want to really divulge too much since I never really like giving spoilers, but what I can tell you is that this is such an awesome book and worthy to have.

What made you decided to read it?
Well! As I have mentioned I am not really a fan of books that involves subject like finance or anything related to this topic. It takes major major things to make me interested. What made me interested to continue on reading this?  I wasn't really keen on reading this until I read what Don said:

This made me laugh and the same time I thought 'yeah it makes sense!' From this point on I started getting interested reading the book. 

Was the book hard to read? 
No! I actually found it very easy to understand. I am really not good in jargon words. Surprisingly the words he used in the book are very easy to understand and if there are words that I don't understand it was very helpful that he was able to explain them in a much better wordings. I know it doesn't make sense now but you have to try and read the book then you'll know what I'm talking about :)

Have you learned anything from it?
Yeah tons! First I have learned that I should probably read more of this kind book. Don made me realize that. Perhaps I am not really keen on this type of book because like I've said I hate boring books. But Don's book was good. It was easy to understand. I also learned the following:

2. A business is not just about money. Without the proper guidance, proper people and proper skills you will just basically send your money down the drain.

3.I learned techniques on how to save money passive income and active income and basically differentiate between them.

4. I learned the art of budgeting! I am not yet a pro but I am starting :) this book made me realize how important it is to manage your money properly

5. Investing is not just about investing money.

6. The importance of having a habit and managing your time  properly.

By reading this book I finally realized that I may have been too careless. I thought I was budgeting money in the right way but It wasn't the case. I thought I was managing my time correctly but I realized I was wrong.I thought by just having money starting up a business is easy but it was a mistake to think that way. The funny thing was I always find myself thinking "yep this is me!" or Yeah he was damn right!" while reading it. This book helped me a lot in realizing the mistakes I am making. So yes I have learned  a lot!

Here are some of  my favorite lines from the book
"Life is never meant to be easy. Its the challenges we face along the way that help us grow as individuals" 

"Maybe the reason why God or the universe isn't giving you  what you want right now is because you haven't shown that you're ready"

"Remember , Idle time is the devil's playground. Do not allow yourself to waste and be unproductive."

"Our environment dictates our future. Its up to us to choose which places we want to play in. Live in a negative environment and stay mediocre. Live in a positive way environment and see your life flourish. The choice is yours"

Would you recommend this to others?
If you want to start a business I highly recommend to read this book. If you are the type of person who is not good in budgeting and you find yourself in a rut in how you manage your finance and your time  you SHOULD read this. If you are the type of person like me who is just not into this book I suggest you read this you will definitely enjoy it :)  and if you're currently thinking you want to quit your job now, like now as in now you have to read this.

How would you rate this book?
11/10! I seriously enjoyed this book. As I have repeatedly said this type  of genre is not my forte.  I was amazed that I never got bored with it till the end. If I was able to finished it and was interested from the start till the end then this book must be good. :D 

I so wanted to give more details but for the sake of not spoiling it I will leave it like this. You can order directly from Don by going to his Facebook: trust me its worth it. You will never regret buying it. 

And finally to Don I would like to say  a personal  thank you for letting me have the opportunity to read your book.  It was very helpful and I have learned many things. I have realized many errors and mistakes I am making in my decision specially in the finance department hahaha. After reading this book I was able gain knowledge and some techniques that I think will help me. I may go back to my habit but I will try to change it. I will make sure to always have your book and look at it and say "ah I should be doing it this way" so thank you from the bottom of my heart ♥ 

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