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Filipino delicacies have always been famous among tourists, foreigners and even in other countries. I have spoken to some of my students who were able to visit our country and they say a lot of good things about the Philippines particularly our  food. We have to admit we love eating! From street food to fast food, from casual dining to buffet, you name it we have them all!

Here are some of my favorite Filipino dishes  that are just so delicious I cannot get enough of them ♥

1. Tinola 
My most fave type of "ulam" which my mummy used to make for me now I do make it myself. I  can eat 2-3 plates of my own tinola ahahaha. This a filipino chicken stew with different vegetables added. It is a very healthy dish.
taken from google image 
I used to hate this but now it is one of my favorite :)A filipino dish with ground peanut as the main soup and anchovy as the side dish. I love the peanut sauce that blends with the saltiness of "bagoong". I prefer for the vegetables to be halfcooked. 

taken from google image 

3. Ginataang bilo-bilo
One of my fave "mirienda" in the afternoon. I remember my childhood days when I eat this. The sweetness and stickiness of the sticky rice that was molded into ball that blends with thickness of coconut milk is just mouthe watering 
taken from google image 
4. Tokneneng
Who would forget about these orange balls that can be seen almost everywhere on the street? One of my favorite street food that will always be an all time favorite among urbanistas and students :D. Quail egg that was battered in a colorful orange flour and deep fried. "Sukang maanghang" is the perfect partner for tokneneng!
taken from google image 
5.Creamy chicken sopas
My all time favorite to eat when monsoon season arrives! A typical filipino dish that can be smelt in any houses during the rainy season. elbow macaroni that was boiled with  milk , meat and lotsa vegetables. Its very nutritious too :)

taken from google image 
Some Filipino dishes require skill and experience so you can make them into perfection. If you can make a Filipino dish, you should be proud!  you have the skill! and what better way for you to boast for it? Of course uploading it into social media.

I myself love taking pictures of all the dishes I made. I am proud that I can make them even after trying countless times :D Taking good pictures are also part of it. Here are some of the pictures of some of the dishes I've made:

creamy sopas

tortang talong
Kare Kare
 The pictures I got from google are way better from the ones I took. Having a good camera so you can proudly post of your cooking is very important. Oppo F1s offers one of the best selfie cameras out there. It has been branded as the "selfie expert" with all the camera features it has.

I believe that OPPO F1s is the best camera phone to use for food photography because it currently  offers  the best  features of phone camera in the market. 

A 16mp front camera that can take the clearest selfie and a 13mp rear camera that can definitely take vivid and clear pictures of your food. With its night shot feature you do not have to worry about taking pictures of your food even at night. It will definitely capture the best photos even during night time. Filters are readily available as well so you can take your food photography to next level.

The selfie expert

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